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Madonna the Fallen Priestess

When I looked at her soul, and besides the obvious satanic/luciferian aura she has, she had a huge gaping black hole in her womb space with black liquid coming out of it. I was focused on finding out why she became so malevolent and who she is multi-dimensionally and what happened to her. This ties in with the gaping hole she had in her womb.

Madonna was once part of the Order of the Red Rose. Yep. She’s a rose priestess. But a fallen one. I know it’s difficult for some of you to imagine her once being a priestess with all the blood on her hands and the satanic energies she’s involved with.

Her true downfall didn’t begin in this life. It began when the priestess rebellions were happening. The rogue priestess faction that came out of The Order of the Black Rose declared war on all Rose orders. If you haven’t read my post on the Order of The Black Rose, then I’ll post the link in the comments. It explains the origin of the Black Rose Order and the rogue priestess faction that came out of it.

Madonna’s original priestess role had to do with healing the timeline trajectory of universal feminine energies. The priestess rebellion was having a negative impact on universal feminine energies. It was creating lower timelines for feminine energies and creating disharmony with universal masculine energies. These lower timelines manifested down in the earthly planes of many planets.

Madonna’s priestess aspect came down to the earthly planes to incarnate. She needed to run a mission to keep a certain timelines up. The feminine imbalance created from the priestess wars were going down into the earthly planes and creating issues on many planets. Her and several rose priestesses incarnated into several planets to hold up the timelines and protect them from any further chaos manifesting.

Sidenote, malevolence wages war against light beings in the spiritual planes and follows them to the earthly planes to do the same. As above so below.

The priestess wars followed her into the earthly planes and incarnated as the factions that raided the priestess temples. She was killed and her womb ritualistically cut out from her body. Her womb energy and her abilities to affect the feminine timelines were siphoned and stolen from her. This ritual created ripples and altered her personal timeline where she lived many lives trying to heal and restore her womb energy. Other rose priestesses help her by incarnating as her mother to help heal her. But the priestess wars still followed her. They wanted to make sure she continued experiencing trauma after trauma.

Fast forward to this incarnation. Her mother was also a priestess who died early in her life. She died of breast cancer in December 1963. Just a couple of weeks after JFK was assassinated in November 1963. The cabal took out key figures that would change the course of humanity for the better. Madonna stated years ago that if her mother didn’t died early in her life, she would’ve taken a completely different path. Her mother was a red rose priestess that was supposed to help her heal but she was taken out before that could happen. Because of that and because of the Cabal’s rule over the planet she was taken and consumed by the miasmic density of this planet.

She was supposed to find healing in this life. Her song “Like a prayer” was very controversial but to me it symbolized the divine elements reaching out to her to help her heal. It’s in her lyrics. She was reaching out to god for help because she was being pulled down by the malevolence. Unfortunately, there wasn’t a truth movement, spiritual community or social media at that time. The consciousness of humanity wasn’t at the level where she could receive the adequate spiritual help. So, she got swallowed up by the malevolence and became it’s puppet.

They accessed her priestess energies and used it to create more distorted timelines for humanity. Especially for the feminine timelines. Because she use to be a rose priestess, she has a particular sway over the feminine collective. Her energy is keeping many female embodiments especially those connected to priestess orders in lower timelines. Her energy is making it difficult for many priestesses on earth to transmute their karma.

Madonna is one of the best examples of what can happen to a rose priestess if they don’t heal and are possessed by Miasma. Don’t even let me get started on Billie Eilish

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