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The Order of The Black Rose

Before I begin, I want to note that what you’re about to read was channeled by Zaphi and myself. This story didn’t begin in any incarnated place. This wasn’t an earthly/planetary order. It all began within the higher dimensions. In the spiritual planes. Eventually, some of this manifested down into the earthly planes.


The Order of the Black Rose was created by the High Priestess and Goddess of the Moonlight. Every rose is modeled after the red rose. The Red Rose is the first rose. The master rose and the original Fibonacci sequence. Every other rose was created from the sacred geometric architectural template of the red rose and infused with unique energies to serve different purposes in the universe. The spiritual technology of each rose has distinct energetic properties that sets them apart from each other. When the sacred architecture and template of the rose was recreated, it was infused with Moonlight energies which gave it it’s distinct black colored pedals with sparkles of turquoise energies swirling throughout it.


Moonlight energy has a turquoise sparkle and/or glow to it. It isn’t like the energy that we feel from the “moon” that orbits this planet. These are high level, high dimensional, primordial moonlight energies. These energies were created to directly interface with pockets and clouds of malevolent energies that came about as the result of the universal infiltration. These malevolent energies I also like to call “Cosmic Miasma”. These pockets and/or clouds of miasmic energies negatively impacted many matrices and grid systems throughout the universe. This created many time/space distortions, portals to lower hell realms and a plethora of other energetic abnormalities. Moonlight energy creates an energetic buffer between the user and miasmic energies. It allows the user to safely contain portions of miasmic energies in a turquoise bubble of energy. Advanced forms of Moonlight work allow for safe passage through miasmic nebula fields. For example, imagine a thin layer of protective energies around you that enabled you to walk through clouds of toxic gas unharmed.

The Goddess of Moonlight was tasked with developing a technique to effectively reverse the effects of miasmic nebulas and to transmute them. The technique she created was a lengthy process with many steps, but it proved successful. She then created the Moonlight Order.


The Moonlight Order was comprised of a large group of priestesses taught by the goddess of the moonlight to wield Moonlight energy properly. They learned about the nature of Moonlight energies and its place in the universe. Many priestesses from other rose orders volunteered to be part of this. I’m not talking in the tens or hundreds. I’m talking tens of thousands of priestesses. This is a massive universal operation. Their symbol and crest has a glowing turquoise crescent moon. The moonlight order was then separated into 2 groups of priestesses. One group held and maintained the sacred teachings and only worked with moonlight energies. The other group were select priestesses that were taught the technique of the moonlight goddess on working with miasmic energies directly. This 2nd group formed the Order of the Black Rose.

As I mentioned before, the technique was a lengthy process and involved many steps. The reason for this is because dealing with miasmic energies is extremely tricky especially when it concerns the matrix systems and their grids. Before I continue, I need to explain what a Matrix is. A Matrix is an incredibly advanced Crystalline Architectural Technology created around planets, solar systems, galaxies and around the universes. These matrices are layered with many grid systems. These grid systems manage the ecosystem of reality. To make sure the fabric of reality operates in love, unity, balance, truth and connected to source energy.

Each step of the technique causes the miasma to create side effects within the matrices. Every step was carefully created to cancel out the side effects of the previous steps. The final step of the process involved planting a black rose on the matrix grids themselves. The planting of the black rose could only be successful after the previous steps were successfully implemented. These steps ensured that the miasma could be dealt with properly and without creating lingering abnormalities whilst also protecting the priestess from miasmic influence. Once the black rose was planted, it generated a swirl of turquoise energies that spread across the matrix grids thus dissipating and transmuting the miasma and its negative effects on the matrices.

There were also random miasmic nebulas floating about that weren’t connected to the matrices. These were easier to deal with because they weren’t affecting the complex mechanisms of the matrices. They used these random miasmic nebulas as practice grounds for developing their skills handling miasmic energies. After they became proficient enough, they broke off into several groups. Each group had a high priestess as their leader. Each group had several thousand priestesses. Remember, this is a massive universal operation.

Side Note: Although the Order of the Black Rose was a massive universal operation, they aren’t the sole heroes of the universe. The role they played was critical, but it was only one part of an extremely intricate and multilayered universal dilemma. The other rose orders and the unnamed masculine orders which I will talk about in the future also play critical roles in the restoration of this universe. I’m simply giving the Order of the Black Rose a proper spotlight.

Moving on…

The fate of the order took a different turn with one of the high priestess leaders. She was one of the most powerful and gifted high priestess leaders under the moonlight goddess. Many within the order looked up to her. She saw just how big this operation was and how much work it would take. She sought for a way to expedite the process. She began working with miasma alone for extended periods of time. Over time she became susceptible to Miasmic Influence.


This occurs when the subject is exposed to miasmic energies for prolonged periods of time. Higher mind function slowly decays, and they enter what I call the “Miasmic Gray Zone”. This gray zone causes the subject to teeter the line between higher energies vs miasmic energies and the subject begins to inch closer and closer into a compromised position without fully realizing it. Miasmic influence is slow and subtle. Its an energy that slowly eats away at your moral compass and weakens your will to resist it while it inserts suggestions into your mind. It takes and uses any of the subject’s thoughts, intentions, and ambitions against them. Her intentions were pure, but she underestimated the sway of the miasma. She overestimated her own abilities. This is what led to her downfall.

This priestess began bypassing critical steps necessary to avoid bad ripple effects from manifesting. She stopped utilizing the powers of the moonlight energy. She succeeded in expediting the process and planting the black rose within the matrices. But unbeknownst to her, it created rips and tears within the fabric of time/space, wormholes, blackholes and plethora of other abnormalities manifested in other places. She taught this method to the black rose priestesses within the faction she led, and they began using the method. This created massive ripple effects across the universe. The moonlight goddess tried talking to her several times about the abnormalities that her and her faction created. In the presence of the moonlight goddess her light was brought out and she proceeded to patch certain things up. But she was too weak in the presence of the Miasma. It had dug itself too deep into her mind and into the minds of her students. They couldn’t reverse any of the damage they’ve caused. They only made things worse. This made things very difficult for the moonlight goddess and the rest of the Black Rose factions. The other Black Rose Priestess factions who remained untainted worked very hard to restore the damage that was done.

Eventually, the goddesses and high priestesses of the other rose orders gathered with the moonlight goddess. They summoned the high priestess in charge of the particular Black Rose Faction that were responsible for creating the miasmic ripples. They chastised her for allowing the miasma to spread and revoked her high priestess status. They also took away her magic staff as part of the ruling. The shock of this angered her and caused her to lose her temper. The miasma that had been influencing her for so long was triggered and surfaced as a different personality. This was the moment she allowed the miasmic influence to fully take over and thus becoming a fallen sorceress. She fled in anger and rage to her faction. She gathered them together and gave a speech that all the rose orders and the goddesses had forsaken them.

She brought out the darkness within her most loyal students because of the miasma they were exposed to. Her stronger students resisted giving into the effects of the miasma. But she threatened to hurt them if they didn’t comply with her will. They were forced to comply out of fear of being killed. This branch of the Black Rose Order became a rogue faction and marked the beginning of the long and painful priestess rebellion and priestess war!

This priestess war and rebellion initiated all the rose orders into an era of warriorship where priestesses learned the art of sorcery-based combat.

Stay tuned for the Post on The Priestess Wars

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