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Antonio is speaker of spiritual truth and a spiritual teacher. He's a galactic psychic medium. He is connected to and works with various ET's who are guiding humanity into the higher timeline that we see playing out. He has over 10 years experience working with matters of the spirit world. He is an expert in the field of malevolent entity removal especially Archon Tech and a master in wielding Hyper Dimensional Universal Energies. He talks about the depth of the divine and brings a heavy emphasis on spiritual discernment. He understands that it is not only about spiritual talk but also about physical (3D) integration. He embodies spiritual accountability and preaches it heavily in many of his messages and especially within his Coaching Program. His mission is to bring forth and usher in the Sun Consciousness we see manifesting here on earth and to guide and raise up spiritual leaders into spiritual sovereignty with his truth, his teachings and his spiritual work. 


Antonio's spiritual awakening began when he entered the world of Facebook in 2009 after breaking away from the Christian setting he mentored under for 12 years. He always had a passion and a hunger for knowledge and truth. He sought for truth outside of the Christian setting and found the spiritual community. There he met some incredible souls that introduced him to a whole new way of perceiving reality. Eventually he pushed himself outside of his comfort zone and began doing energy work. He quickly realized that he really had a talent for it and began expanding himself and digging deeper. Over 10 years his spiritual gifts were refined, perfected and gave rise to the Hyper Dimensional spiritual work that he currently does and teaches. His passion is to help people understand the depths of spiritual reality and also to bridge the gap between the physical and the spiritual. 

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