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Golden Dragons

Golden Dragons

The nuclear family

Time travelers

Time wars

The golden order

As I sat here pondering on the mysteries of golden dragons, a giant one flew into my psychic awareness, leaned its head close to my face and said to me "We are the keepers of time".

My inner child chuckled with amusement and excitement as It began giving me the downloads.

To understand the significance of golden dragons and them being the keepers of time, I need to explain their relationship with timelines.

Before I go any further I need to say that the Golden Dragon or not the only beings associated with time. However, they are the frontrunners for the management and oversight time.

The golden dragons are the keepers of the highest golden timelines. They oversee a timeline's trajectory and development.

What exactly is a timeline?

A timeline is a projected path forward or backward.

It can be on an individual and/or collective level. The trajectory of timelines is mainly influenced by grid systems and by many other sub factors.

These sub factors include but aren't limited to people's emotional health, mental health, A.I/societal programing, wars, traumas, past life events/contracts, shadow integration and where they are in their spiritual maturity and self mastery.

To get a better understanding of golden dragons, I need to talk about gold itself.

The first thing that may come to mind for many when reading the word "gold" is financial abundance, which is correct. However, it doesn't capture the essence of what gold represents. Financial abundance is merely one of many reflections of gold.

The molecular/atomic structure of gold is a pyramid. To understand the pyramid, we need to look at what it's made of.

It's 4 triangles and a square as the foundation.

What is the significance of the triangle?

The triangle is the ultimate organic template of life.

It represents Father, Mother, Creation. Or Father, Mother, Child.

This is the first holy Trinity.

It's the example all civilizations need to model after and the template to build on in order to reach their highest timeline potential.

This template is encoded with Father/Masculine and Mother/Feminine principles. These principles are but aren't limited to Power, protection, leadership, integrity, truth, justice, devotion, love, peace, purity, nurturing, beauty, grace, compassion etc...

These elements are the recipe for the organic creation and support of life. They're encoded into the planetary grid systems, which then guides and direct the evolutionary flow and the evolutionary trajectory of all sentient life.

In other words Father/Masculine principles combined with Mother/Feminine principles are the recipes for all life across the universe.

Before I continue, let me say this. This post is going to address some of the core inversions and distortions of human society. So, this might not sit well for those who are in certain household/relationship dynamics that do not reflect the organic holy trinity template.

The nuclear family is the most powerful dynamic for creating strong, stable, and abundant civilizations. It has the power to directly influence the timeline trajectory of the entire planet.

The nuclear family is the biggest threat to the establishment, which is why it has been targeted the most.

There's an agenda to infiltrate and destroy the nuclear family template and replace it with distortions and inversions.

The point of all of these inversions is to isolate the children because the children are the keys to the future timeline.

They want to remove the father from the household and create single parenting. There's a plethora of reasons why this happens, but it's why the rate of single parenting is so high.

There's a mountain of nuances to the conflict between men and women and households. But that's exactly the point. The point is to create as much conflict as possible between men and women and in marriages/households in order to isolate the children.

When the children are isolated then the government, the porn industry, the trafficking industry, the distorted education system and the radical woke mobs step in to exploit and raise them and program them to perceive their own sexuality and the reality of the world through a distorted/inverted lens.

This has a catastrophic effect on the developmental timeline trajectory of human civilization. The timeline of humanity is manipulated by controlling and shaping the minds of children. This is why the nuclear family template is target #1.

It's all about the children.

The Golden Age timeline is built on top of the restoration of the nuclear family and healthy traditional family values.

With this Foundation laid now, I can talk about what the golden dragons are doing to fix the timeline.

The golden dragons are overseeing and guiding Divine Union relationship dynamics and the endless time travel operations happening in the background.

Let's start with Divine union relationships.

What are Divine Union relationships?

Divine union relationships are the divinely orchestrated coming together of men and women who carry the organic union templates to heal and reshape society.

Notice how I added "relationships" which clearly indicates the coming together of 2 embodied polarities. If I only wrote "Divine Unions" without "relationships" there's the camp of people that would quickly dismiss everything I'm saying and make the argument that divine unions are within.

Divine Union within is at the core of divine union relationships between 2 embodied polarities. So, the full understanding of Divine Union with the self is fully understood and already integrated within segment. Moving on.

These aren't ordinary relationships. These are the next level divinely coded relationship dynamics that are made FOR MISSION WORK. This mission is to heal and restore the broken household template by bringing forward the next level paradigms shifts to undo the many layers of distorted and inverted programming within society.

Before I continue, let me address a couple of thought waves I feel being projected as I write this.

Am I implying that those who are not in divine union relationships don't have anything to offer to society?

Absolutely not!

Everyone has something to offer at different levels. However, I do need to mention that those in true divine union relationships are the frontrunners of the healing of society and the healing of the organic family template.

Am I implying that those who are single need to rush to get into a Divine Union so that they can contribute something important?

Absolutely not!

Everyone has something to offer in different fields. However, not everyone can be a front-runner for everything in the world. First of all, it's impossible. And second, it's not how things work.

Divine Unions carries specific keys that inspires the individuals to bring forward a certain level of medicine to the world. One of the biggest medicines that they have to bring to the world is to be the portals for the next level of highly coded souls to come through.

They're setting the stage for the next generation of highly coded and awakened children from high dimensions and distant galaxies to come through.

Many of these Divine Union relationships are incarnated golden dragons.

Side note. The golden dragons aren't just managing things in the higher dimensional planes. They've incarnated in the 3D and are going through their own initiations. Some of you reading are incarnated golden dragons or you have a deep connection to them.

They've also incarnated and are playing the role of Time Travelers.

Before I go any further to explain what t

What is time? Does it truly exist?

Time isn't linear or a clock like we've been programmed to believe. Time is a liquid fluid dynamic. Its a stream of energy that creates endless possibilities.

The past, present and future all exist simultaneously and all 3 can affect your timeline.

For example, past events aren't just the past. Past events, whether positive or traumatic, creates behavioral patterns and thought patterns that affect your present moment and intentions, which casts a projected trajectory towards a particular timeline or multiple possible future outcomes or timelines.

This sets the stage to talk about time wars.

What are Time Wars?

The time wars were/are waged in multiple dimensional plane and multiple realities. The first time war was initiated by fallen golden creator dragons that betrayed the prime directives of the mother and father and fell out of alignment with the first organic triangle/trinity of life as a consequence.

This trickled down into many other golden dragons in the dimensional chain who also affect time. This created a universal split within the fabric of time. Benevolent golden dragons fought against their turned fallen kind protection of the balance of time.

This trickled down into galactic realms of technologies being created to fix and preserve the balance of time. But the fallen golden dragons in league with archonic forces infiltration many civilizations including Atlantis and stole time travel technologies.

These stolen time travel technologies were used to distort the timelines of many galaxies, solar systems, and planets. Time travel was used to initiate countless wars across the cosmos, all in an effort to control the timeline trajectory of the cosmos. This led to the creation of the golden order.

What is the golden order?

The golden order are incarnate golden dragons from multiple dimensions that have incarnated all throughout the cosmos and have infiltrated all aspects of human civilization in order to take important positions of leadership and influence so that they can fulfill their mission to usher in the highest timeline.

These golden dragons have positioned themselves within secret military programs and the SSP that run time travel operations. One of the time travel operations included finding stolen divine relics and returning them to their proper dimensional plane and time.

The fallen time travelers were using stolen time travel technology to access other dimensional planes of time. They would infiltrate them and collect sacred relics and place those relics in other realities. the reason this was a huge problem because each Relic carried a unique energy signature that left a Trace into the other dimensional time realities they were placed in.

So the different timelines of other realities were bleeding into each other because of their respective relics that were placed in other realities.

Here's a more simple way of understanding this.

Imagine a neighborhood and someone grabbed a cherished item from a house and placed it in a different house. That item that was moved from its house had a string attached to it. This caused energies of that house bleed into the energy of the other house where it was placed.

Now the two households were energetically intertwining and being affected by each other. Imagine this happening to about 50 houses within the neighborhood all having strings inside of each other.

This created huge quantum entanglements of timelines across many dimensional planes and planetary timelines.

This is still ongoing.

We have made huge strides in the recovering of stolen time travel technologies that are now in the right hands. Many lower planetary timelines have been collapsing due to the recovery of stolen tech.

I will end it here.

My next dragon post be about the Aurora Dragons.

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1 Comment

Thank you Antonio for explaining Divine Union Relationships - makes sense; and for going further about what is "Time" = stream of energy. However, explain the outcome of the infiltration of the "nuclear family" template in relation to those "single parents"; especially as many of us/them are awakened or awakening and recognise our/their "role in the new paradigm - the new earth".

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