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Middle East grid activation report

The Dragons of Levant

Grid Report

This grid work took place November 4th.

Levant is a region in the Middle East that includes countries like Israel, Palestine, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, etc.

Before I go into the actual info about the grid work, I want to say a couple of things.

The reality of this level of grid work restoration is never pretty. They're sad and heart-wrenching.

To witness the reality of the devastation caused by many generations of wars, blood oaths, and blood rituals that created many layers of soul binding contracts.

Witnessing the fate of the dragons that once gaurded these grid systems and their defeat at the hands of the Archons is hard to look at.

I'm bringing a fresh nuanced perspective on advanced levels of dragon grid work and the reality of spiritual warfare.

The mission began with scanning the region of Levant to see the condition of the grid systems.

There were many intricate distortions of the grid lines all throughout the region. This black sticky substance was seen all throughout the grid lines. This black sticky substance is A.K.A. "Black Goo."

Black goo is liquid miasma.

It corrupts and clogs energetic pathways and grid lines.

I just noticed it's 4:44 AM as I writing this out...

Many black roses were seen intertwined within the grids as well but not in a good way. Fallen priestesses of the order of the black rose performed rituals over time to weaken the grid lines by misusing the power of the black rose.

Black Rose technology is able to uproot and purify miasmic corruption. When Black Rose technology is inverted and misused, it does the exact opposite and aids in the spreading liquid miasma and other forms of corruption.

There were large Crystal obelisks that were corrupted by cybernetic parts and wires. Many spiderbots and other cybernetic creatures were seen walking about.

There was a large black sphere floating above the grid systems that was putting out disruption frequencies.

In order for any grid system to become destabilized, they need a perpetual application of disruptor frequencies. That's what these black spheres are used for.

They're grid disruptors.

This disruptor disables the grid system's restart mechanism. This keeps the grids in a perpetual state of being disrupted which then gives the opportunity for other things to be implanted and installed.

Then a roar of a female dragon was heard.

This was the last dragon that was alive and was hiding in a cave. After inquiring a bit the story began to unfold. This Dragon was the last one left to guard the grids of Levant. However, because the war was so bad and gruesome, it had to go into hiding in order to preserve itself.

It was hiding in a cave for thousands of years after the dragon wars of that region.

Thousands and thousands of archon robots and other archonic cybernetic creatures overwhelmed and overpowered the dragons and they were captured in grid nets and slain. Some dragons were turned into archonic cybernetic dragons to serve as minions for the AI.

The process turning the dragons into arconic minions as follows. They captured the dragons and disoriented them with specialized tazer guns. Then they put many cybernetic parts and wires on them along with liquid miasma until they lose their will to resist and are overcome by the influence.

The golden dragon of the region was targeted first because golden dragons are the keepers of time. They took that dragon out first.

The Dragon I saw was covered with liquid miasma and very traumatized and slowly dying. She emanated strong feelings of sadness and defeat because of what she saw with her fellow dragons the grid systems.

This is where I began the work.

I knew exactly where she was in my psychic vision and I open the portal exactly where she was and I invited her come up into my High dimensional container. She was hesitant at first because of the trauma but she knew my energy was sincere and that I too was dragon.

She came up and was greeted by my personal high dimensional dragons. They proceeded to heal and clear her of the liquid miasma. They transmuted the liquid miasma with dragon fire and cleaned her energy with dragon crystal waters.

After she was cleared and restored, I felt this huge sense of joy and gratitude coming from her. She was so happy to be around her own kind again.

I asked for an estimate of how many dragons were killed during this war with the archons. Close to 20 dragons were killed and some returned into archon slaves.

I then proceeded to perform the "RITE OF DRAGONS".

The rite of dragons is an ancient resurrection and restoration ritual for dragons.

Every spot where the dragons were killed left a glitching energy signature. They're glitching essence left behind began to magnify and rematerialize. They began to wake up one by one.

As they began to wake up, some portions of the grids were beginning to activate and clear.

Important note: The health and structural integrity of grid systems are linked with the state of the dragons that guard and oversee their functions.

It's similar to a symbiotic connection between grid systems and their dragons.

When all of the dragons rematerialized and woke up, I brought them up to my spiritual container in the higher dimensions where the previous dragon came. The reunion was incredible. There was an overflow of joy and emotions that was palpable.

I want to make an important note that the last dragon to be resurrected was the Golden Dragon, which was the biggest of them all. They received an energy boost and became even stronger then they were before the war.

I did this to prepare them for the next step of the grid resurrection and take over.

I opened a giant portal within my high dimensional space and called forward an army of high dimensional dragons. These dragons were even larger than the grid dragons of the land. Before the dragons could go and clear up the grids, it needed to be properly activated first.


This involves weaving high-dimensional energies and fusing them with the grids to energize and awaken them.

Immediately following that, the dragons began to clear out the rest of the grid systems. They burned and destroyed the floating black sphere that was disrupting the grids.

The crystal obelisk was cleared from corruption and began beaming out its organic golden Crystal Light again.

The warrior dragons began mopping up the archon machines. This process was really easy and smooth for them because of the heavy reinforcement of dragons and the boost of energy that they received.

While that was happening, another group of dragons went after the big archon machine that was controlling the entire grid Distortion operation. This was a giant diabolical soul harvesting grid distortion and programming machine.

This entire thing was destroyed and melted down by the dragons easily. as it was being destroyed, all the soul essences it had harvested were released and returned to their rightful souls.

About the dragon fires. It's intuitive. It only harms the bad Tech and harmful liquid miasma. It causes no harm to any souls or grid system structures.

Many of the dragons were shrinking themselves and entering the gridlines to clear them out with fire whilst the water dragons cleanse them.

Grid line plumbing.

After a few moments of all of the clearing and Devastation of the archonic armies, purple crystalline colors began to emanate from the ground.

The crystal structure is were restored with their rainbow hue. lots of innocence and inner child energies were felt.

Many fairy beings appeared and began sprinkling fairy dust everywhere and working with the nature Energies. Many Angelic beings were helping people of the land to reconnect back to the grids properly.

And finally, the contracts that were created on the land over time. These contracts were created with blood Oaths, rituals, black mail and death threats. I took all of those contracts and on behalf of the people of the region of the land, they were burned.

The souls that were forced into agreement to create certain contracts throughout time were also freed from the binding.

In essence, this grid work represented a full reclamation of the keys of these lands and the liberation of the arconic influence. this grid activation and dragon restoration was a very important cornerstone that needed to be established within these lands.

It's going to take some time for the 3D to catch up to these major grid system changes.

The energy has shifted in the Middle East. However, there is still the fear propaganda machine called the media will not report on positive changes.

But many people who are deeply connected with the Middle East have been feeling a huge wave after November 4th. A huge positive shift in the energies of the Middle East.

This grid system activation was another major win.

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Unknown member
Nov 11, 2023


Does anyone know if Antonio is OK? We had a session today and I have not heard from him, no cancel message, nothing.

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