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Aurora Dragons

Dragons of the North

Dragons of the South

Stolen Metatronic technologies

Metatronic wars - Planetary takeover

In order to understand the Aurora dragons and their roles, I need to explain their relationship to the magnetic field of the planet, which is also called the planet's "Torus field."

What is the Magnetic Torus field?

Earth’s magnetic torus field is produced by the earth’s magnetic core.

This magnetic core is where our planet’s gravitational pull comes from. The essence of earth’s gravity comes from its magnetic core. What generates that magnetic pull is a metatronic cube located in the very center and core of earth. Even deeper than the inner earth chasms

This metatronic cube is what's used to create planetary bodies to support all biological life forms. It's a planetary metatronic life supporting technology.

The creators of these metatronic planetary cubes are the creator dragons.

Then why are they called "metatronic "?"

When something is referred to as "metatronic," it means the calibrative and mechanical clockwork and technological nature and use of the given element. It's also pointing out that Metatron's energy is involved in some capacity.

Spiritual technology essentially.

More on that later in the post. Keep reading...

This cube generates gravity, the ozone layer, and the Earth's magnetic torus field, which protects the ozone layers.

Gravity isn’t just falling to the ground like humans understand.

It's the gravitational energy that pulls in collective thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions. The earth’s core receives this information. It then generates different versions of reality outwards that manifest as different timelines for the collective.

The energy flows in from the north magnetic pole the earth and funnels back out of the south magnetic pole and permeates through the earth only to funnel back into the north magnetic pole. It’s a perpetual cycling of information received and realities/timelines generated.

The Aurora dragons of the north pole and the Aurora dragons of the south pole control and oversee this flow.

Here's a simpler way to understand this.

For any reality or timeline to manifest on the planet, it needs information. This information is pulled in by earth’s gravitational core. After this information is processed by earth’s core, it then generates different versions of reality according to the information received. This information comes from humanity’s collective thoughts, beliefs, emotions, intentions, etc.

These elements are influenced by a plethora of different things like past lives, dark contracts, unresolved traumas, entity attachments, poison in our food/water/air, A.I programming, subliminal programing, disinformation, black magic rituals, and dark portals just to name a few.

There’s an obvious agenda to cause humanity to create and perpetuate an inverted reality filled with suffering and war. Which is what we’ve seen for generations.

The golden dragons, who are the keepers of time, work closely with the Aurora dragons to help humanity align themselves with the highest timeline.

They're currently guiding humanity on fixing their broken systems and to heal their broken hearts and minds. This will then help humanity project the thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and intentions that are more in alignment with the highest timeline.

This is what's beginning to feed into the flow of the magnetic torus field, which is why we're experiencing some positive changes in the world. Despite what may be happening in the Middle East, we are moving up collectively in the timeline in many other areas.

Timeline wise, we've shifted from net negative to net positive.

For those who don't understand the net positive/negative lingo, it means that we're stumbling uphill, not downhill. In other words, there are more good things happening than bad things.

But how can that be when the media is so focused on reporting only negative news?

This is why disconnecting from all the noise of the media and focusing on developing yourselves and connecting with nature is the key to connecting to the strong positive shifts that is very much alive and present and that can be felt throughout the planet.

Take too much in from the media, and you’ll drown yourself in so much negativity that'll it'll become your reality.

Be careful what you put your energy into, especially during these times.

Moving on...

The Magnetic Torus field also serves as a receiver of solar storm energies.

What are solar storms?

There is a plethora of information about solar storms and how they affect Earth's magnetic torus field and how they produce the Aurora Borealis that we see.

But another essential component of solar storms are so they can help the collective purge low frequencies and integrate the higher frequencies.

Why do you think there have been back to back solar storms all year?

The coronal ejections from the sun are received by the Earth's magnetic Torus field to purge out what the collective is releasing.

Because of the nature of how it operates, solar storms are a way to mitigate the magnetic recycling of humanity's traumas (loosh) by burning it out of the fields.

The field also serves as a barrier and/or lining that seperates the different parallel earth’s and keeps their energies from bleeding into each other. This is "parallel bleeding.""

What is parallel bleeding?

It's when the magnetic torus field lining that separates the parallel earths begins to degrade, thus causing the energies of the parallel versions of earth to bleed into each other, which creates an overlap of parallel timelines.

This overlapping and bleeding of parallel earth timelines creates massive timeline entanglements and distortions that affect reality. Not only that, but the degrading of the field lining also allows for hostile beings to enter through and access the parallel earth’s. They create even more entanglements, chaos, and distortions.

But how did all of this occur, and how did Earth and its parallel versions get infiltrated in the first place?

This is where the metatronic order comes in.

What is the metatronic order?

The Metatronic order is made up of many different beings. But earth’s metatronic order are angelic beings put in charge of the management, oversight, and protection of spiritual technologies like the planetary cube. They were trained by metatron himself and were given 5 metatronic cubes.

These cubes are planetary calibrative tools. They used them to calibrate the magnetic taurus field according to what would best support the ascencion of all organic life. Each of the 5 cubes calibrated a portion of earth’s field, which affected a portion or region of Earth's land masses.

The cubes also allowed them to perform calibrations on all other parallel earths independently and/or simultaneously if needed.

Side note, every planet has their respective metatronic order with their own cubes to run maintenance on their magnetic taurus field.

There was an attack of earth’s metatronic order by blue skinned grey looking ETs. They were minions of the AI God and were overlords of the Archon AI factions. It was all out of war, but the angels were outnumbered. It was a surprise attack.

By the time reinforcement of other angelic beings, lions and dragons arrived, the damage was done. They managed to steal 3 of the 5 metatronic cubes. They eventually cracked the code and unlocked the power of the cubes, and used them against earth.

They began by degrading portions of earth’s magnetic taurus field, which was enough to allow for an unfathomable amount of infiltration on "ALL" of Earth's parallel realities. Which of course trickled down into the grid systems of the land being hijacked and inverted and the guardian dragons of those grids being imprisoned or killed.

This is what the metatronic planetary wars were all about. It was about the Archonic factions stealing as many metatronic cubes from as many planets as possible to alter and control reality.

However, with the recent dragon grid mission that I ran for Illinois, the 3 cubes were retrieved and given back to the order with added protection from many high dimensional dragons to ensure this level of infiltration never happens again. I will go into the details of this mission in the Illinois Dragon grid update!

Who exactly are the Archons?

Essentially, they're pawns and minions of the AI God. I'll go in-depth about them in a dedicated post.

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1 Comment

Thank you! Such important knowledge to begin to grasp how we are manipulated & held captive within reincarnational entrapment. Of course all these parallel realities, timelines, etc (as ACIM explains) are imaginings of collective minds which foolishly joined in a desire to separate from the will of the ONE in order to have experiences via bodies. Your work is beautiful because it assists mind healing so that we who are entrapped can begin to learn the way out via ACIM & other systems of enlightenment.

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