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The order of Melchizedek 4/4

House of Merlin


Before I continue, if you haven't read my 3 previous Melchizedek pieces, then go read them first. The links will be in the comments.

Also, the following 3 paragraphs are me reiterating important pieces I mentioned in the previous post before I begin diving into the house of Merlin.

I won't be sharing how this order was infiltrated just yet. The dragons told me that people need to sit with the understanding of how this order and its 3 houses were first formed and to disclose how the initial infiltration happened at a later date.

Also, another very important point I want to make is about female polarity. This post will focus primarily on Merlin, the flame orders, the universal masculine polarity, men, and masculine principles because the order of Melchizedek is primarily a masculine order and a brotherhood.

I'm aware that some women reading this may feel a resonance with the order and feel that they were/are a Melchizedek priestess. This is because the order of Melchizedek began with only men, and women were initiated into it later on. It's the same thing with the Rose Priestess orders. It began only with women, but male priests were initiated into it later on.

This is the Order of Melchizedek before women were initiated in.

Now, as for the house of Merlin.

As usual, I've got a lot of ground to cover before I can touch on the flame orders.

Let's begin...

This is the 3rd and final house that makes up the order of Melchizedek, which begins with Merlin.

Who is Merlin?

Merlin is one of the manifestations and representatives of the Universal Father "RA" who governs the world of Arcane Magic. He's the father of Wizards, the father of the sacred flame priest orders and of the first Arcane Magic mystery schools.

Merlin is a teacher, mentor, and father figure to many throughout the universe. He travels through time to guide and direct many who embody ascended master consciousness to help them navigate their incarnations so they could stay in alignment with their mission.

He was a mentor and a guide to Saint Germaine (the violet flame priest), King Arthur (the grail king), and Hermes Trismegistus (creator of hermeticism). All 3 figures were of the Melchizedek Order that incarnated in different time periods. Merlin gave King Authur the idea to create the grail guardian knights of the round table to establish a network of sacred guardianship across the land. It's all connected.

He's a mentor and guide to so many who are incarnated on earth at this time who have big keys and important missions.

Merlin brought 4 main pillars of sacred teachings to the order.

1.) Arcane Magic

2.) Magical books

3.) Flame wielding

4.) Grid/Planetary Defense

What is Arcane Magic?

Arcane magic is the weilding and manipulating the universal energies to bend reality. Arcane magic teachings include learning the secrets of conjuration, incantations, summoning, transfiguration, elemental manipulation, shape shifting, and bending time.

What are these magical books?

These were no ordinary books. They were infused with arcane magical energies, which gave them tremendous magical properties. These books were alive and sentient. They were conscious and had the ability to communicate and conversate with people.

Imprinted in these books were blueprints of how to create other realms and realities and infuse them with arcane magical properties. Like a Harry Potter world but with a greater magical potency and not as dark. These wizards would use these powerful books to undo any distortions of the fabric of reality.

What are the flame wielders?

They were the frontline spiritual warriors using the sacred flames as offensive weapons to transmute miasmic corruption. They battled some of the toughest mind bending spiritual distortions in the universe.

There's many forms of miasmic corruption, and each flame burns differently. This led to the creation of the sacred flame orders. The sacred flame orders are as follows.

The order of the Blue Flame

The order of the Crimson Flame

The order of the Violet Flame

The order of the Emerald Flame

The order of the White/Crystalline Flame

The order of the Black Flame

Each sacred flame order had specialized knowledge of each individual flame and their unique transmuting properties. The wizards leaned about each flames' energetic properties from their respective dragons.

These flames were channeled into many dimensions and realities because they were needed to combat unique forms of malevolence. But these flames originated here with the dragons of Merlin.

Side note, The first fire wielders were masculine embodiments. Male energies are the first fire bringers. The masculine frame has a way of wielding the flames and concetrating it to produce lightning. Lightning is a refined and concentrated form of fire.

I won't get into each flame order as It'll be too long of a post. I'll create seperate posts for them in the future. Moving on...

What is Grid/Planetary Defense?

These are the wizards trained in the protection of planets and their grid systems. These highly trained wizards were dispatched to different planets and dimensions where miasma was a threat to provide spiritual protection.

How did they go about protecting?

They learned to harness the universal energies to create planet size force fields around planets and across many planes of existence. Wizards were dispatched in groups of 4's to create a cube like force field to protect the metatronic grids from being negatively impacted and hijacked by miasmic corruption.

It goes without saying that these wizards protected themselves and each other.

These highly trained wizards were also dispatched to different lands to be sacred advisors to ruling monarchs. The same way merlin was to King arthur.

Having a Wizard of the Order of Melchizedek advising ruling monarchs and shielding the lands offered superb advantages and ensured many of these lands experienced higher golden age timelines.

But these weren't just any ruling monarchs. These monarch lineage were the sacred dragon grail lines.

Here's the order of operations simplified.

1.) The grail lineage from the house of Yeshua establishes ruling royal dragon grail bloodlines across many lands and dimensions. They also built temples that contained archives of sacred teachings of the diamond order and grail teachings.

2.) The grail guardians encarnate with them to serve as knights to protect them. They created knight orders to spread the ways of sacred guardianship to protect the grail lines and the sacred temples that housed grail archives.

3.) The gear heads A.K.A., the Metatronic Melchizedeks were grid keepers from the house of metatron. They made sure the grid systems mechanics were all functioning optimally.

4.) The wizards from the house of merlin fought and transmuted malevolence and protected the land from miasmic corruption using high-level protection sorcery. And as mentioned before, they provided wise council for the grail ruling monarchies to stay in alignment with universal truth so that the land and the people could prosper.

But of course, things don't always go as planned, and there's infiltration that happened here, too. But that's for another post.

This concludes the 3 houses of the order of Melchizedek. Even with all of this information that I've shared, this is only a foundation. May it properly orient your consciousness so that it may illuminate your mind with new information to build on this foundation.

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