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The order of Melchizedek 3/4

House of Metatron


Before I continue, if you haven't read my 2 previous Melchizedek pieces, then go read them first. The links will be in the comments.

Also, the following 3 paragraphs are me reiterating important pieces I mentioned in the previous post before I begin diving into the house of Metatron.

I won't be sharing how this order was infiltrated just yet. The dragons told me that people need to sit with the understanding of how this order and its 3 houses were first formed and to disclose how the initial infiltration happened at a later date.

Also, another very important point I want to make is about female polarity. This post will focus primarily on Metatron, the Metatronic order, the universal masculine polarity, men, and masculine principles because the order of Melchizedek is primarily a masculine order and a brotherhood.

I'm aware that some women reading this may feel a resonance with the order and feel that they were/are a Melchizedek priestess. This is because the order of Melchizedek began with only men, and then women were initiated into it later on. It's the same thing with the Rose Priestess orders. It began only with women, but male priests were initiated into it later on.

This is the Order of Melchizedek before women were initiated in.

Now, as for the house of Metatron.

I've got a lot of ground work to do before i can touch of the metatronic order and father time.

Let's begin...

This is the 2nd house that make up the order of Melchizedek which begins with Metatron.

Who is Metatron?

Metatron is an Omega angel created from

Yeshua's crystalline dragon line and assigned to be the keeper of the sacred crystalline geometric architectures of the 12th dimension and below.

What is an Omega Angel?

To put it simply, it's the highest tier in the angelic order. Michael, Raphael and Gabriel are in this tier too all of whome are powerful benevolent angelic forces. So, its accurately pronounced as Omega Metatron.

Before one can understand who Omega Metatron truly is and the role he plays, I need to explain the crystalline architectural structures, the matrices and their grid systems.

What is a matrix?

A Matrix is a highly advanced and deeply layered crystalline architectural technology of the creator crystalline dragons made to encapsulate planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and all dimensions. These matrices are layered with many grid systems. These grid systems are put in place to function the foundation and bedrock of the ecosystem of reality itself.

To make sure reality operates in love, unity, balance, truth, and to stay connected to source energy. They affect perception of reality, physical and spiritual evolution, internal function, how you respond to your environment, manifestation, and everything else.

What exactly is a grid system?

I'll begin by defining what a grid is.

In its most basic form, a grid is a pattern or structure made from horizontal and vertical lines that cross each other to form squares. Like squar tiles on a floor, grids are the foundations of the system that operates it.

What is a system?

By definition, "a system is a set of things working together as parts of a mechanism or an interconnecting network. It's also defined as a set of principles or procedures according to which something is done; an organized framework or method".

What are the parts and mechanisms that make up this system?

Each intersection of grid lines is called a node. These nodes contain a large crystal or several crystals. These node crystals make sure that the crystalline energies that power and give life to the grids are circulating throughout them fluently and evenly.

Large crystal towers and other crystal structures are also part of this system.

What are crystal towers?

These large crystal towers function as the main receivers of crystalline energies that funnels them down to the grids and the nodes that distribute this energy to also power up other crystal structures.

What are these other crystal structures?

These other crystal structures are crystal archives, crystal webbing, magnetic locks, and star portals

What are crystal archives?

These are crystal structures imbued with sacred cosmic knowledge. This sacred cosmic knowledge is then transferred down into the grids encoding them and is distributed evenly throughout the grids by the node crystals. This distribution of cosmic wisdom throughout the grids is what guides and directs the evolutionary flow and the evolutionary trajectory of all sentient life.

What are crystal webbings?

These are the crystalline connective tissues that tether us to the grids. All sentient life is made to be tethered to the grids because it is the grids that guide and direct our timeline trajectory as a collective and individually.

The crystalline energies that flow through the grid lines by the node crystals are imbued with knowledge and keys of joy, abundance, unity, oneness, integrity, justice, purity and Love.

These elements are coded into personal energy bodies so that our timeline as a collective and individually can be a perfect reflection of them.

That is the connection between sentient life and the grid systems.

What are Star portals?

Star portals are bridges that link grid systems together. These grid systems are connected to other dimensions, other planetary grids and realities across time. Star portals are often used by benevolent beings to travel to other grid systems to connect with the energies of other worlds.

Some portals open doorways to just one realm whilst other open doorways to multiple realms. The grid systems connected by portals all influence each other in some way which also affects the evolutionary trajectory of sentient life.

What are magnetic locks?

These are lock mechanisms designed to protect the grid systems, the magnetic locks, crystal archives, crystal towers and crystal nodes from being accessed by unauthorized users.

Only certain users who have gone through the proper initiations are granted the keys to access and affect grid system mechanics.

You can see how proper and integral grid work is at the heart of us manifesting the highest timeline.

Every dimension is comprised of infinite crystalline geometric structures. Crystalline energies are the architectural fabric that holds all of reality together. It holds all dimensions together. It's the connective crystalline tissue that keeps our different energy bodies tethered to each other. What affects how these crystalline energies operate are matrices.

The dimensions are separated into clusters of dimensions. These clusters are encapsulated by dimensional matrices.

The 1st dimensional matrix technology encapsulates the first 12 dimensions.

The 2nd dimensional matrix technology encapsulates the 13th - 18th dimension.

The 3rd dimensional matrix technology encapsulates the 19th – 24th dimension and so on.

There’s a plethora of crystalline architectural overseers within each cluster, but there’s 1 overarching overseers of each dimensional cluster. Metatron is the overarching keeper put in charge of the dimensional matrix cluster that governs and encapsulates the 12th dimension and below.

Metatron was given a highly advanced sacred geometric piece of technology that is designed to manage the crystallin matrix systems within his designated dimensional matrix cluster.

We call it “METATRON’S CUBE”.

Its Creator Dragon Cube Technology

It creates by projecting a crystalline architectural structure hologram on grid systems which again, are tethered to the crystalline bodies of all sentient life.

When I say "hologram" I don't mean the idea of the false A.I archonic holographic reality people are familiar with. I mean an organic hologram which then materializes into the desired shape and/or structure.

The cube can also reset the passcode to the magnetic locks and completely reprogram grid system mechanisms. Metatron has administrative access and control of all grid system operations. Only very few dragons that work directly with him also have some administrative grid access.

This is the beginning of the metatronic order.

What is the metatronic order?

The first members of the metatronic order are dragons that have grid system administrative access because again, dragons are the master players.

These metatronic dragons incarnated in human form so they could remember the mechanics of grid work, grid system maintenance/operations and the significance of sacred geometry.

What is sacred geometry?

Sacred geometry tells a story about the meaning of life and how to live the most aligned, abundant and fulfilled life by unlocking the secrets of the architectural intelligence that supports it. Sacred geometry is that architectural intelligence.

These first members of the metatronic order were all given metatronic cubes that mimic the power of metatron's cube but not to its fullest extent. These cubes were used to recode infected grid systems and bring them back into balance and harmony with the universe laws.

Unfortunately, one of the cubes was stolen and hijacked and used to create distortions and inverted templates across many grid systems.

This is where the confusion surrounding Metatron and his Cube being hijacked comes from. But that's for a future post. Moving on.

Another form of training the metatronic order received was understanding the sacred geometric architecture one's own energy bodies and how to bend it. They learned to wield energetic threads with their fingers for the purpose of altering and recoding the energy bodies of those who were afflicted with miasmic corruption.

Essentially, they used energetic threads to undo inverted code by untethering the soul from any and all inverted dark matter templates.

Where does father time come in?

Who is Father Time?

He is, well, the father of time lol.

What is time? Does it truly exist?

Time isn't linear or a clock like we've been programmed to believe. Time is a liquid fluid dynamic. Its a stream of energy that creates endless possibilities.

The past, present and future all exist simultaneously and all 3 can affect your timeline simultaneously.

For example, past events aren't just the past. Past events, whether positive or traumatic, creates behavioral patterns and thought patterns that affect your present moment and intentions, which casts a projected trajectory towards a particular timeline or multiple possible future timelines.

Father time can travel to any point in time to any event that has ever occurred throughout the history of the universe to alter and influence choice points to correct distorted timeline trajectories.

He taught the metatronic Melchizedeks how to access and navigate the energy stream of time using special time medallions to fix and alter choice points. They also learned to access the portals of the grid systems to do the same. Metatronic melchizedeks were Time Travelers.

I am guided to end it here.

The next Melchizedek post 7 days from today will complete the series and ill be moving on to create my dragon series.

Stay tuned for the House of Merlin, the flame Melchizedeks and the Arcane Dragons

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