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Illinois Dragon Grid Activation report

Updated: May 21

The dragons of Illinois

This mission took place on November 13th 2023.

I had someone accompany me during this mission.

Before I begin, I want to make something clear for all readers.

The events shared in this update are not 3D. These are elements that are spiritually discerned and seen with psychic vision.

Also, I have a habit of casually mentioning the things I perform as if they're simple and easy. Other grid workers might walk away with the wrong impression that they can simply copy-paste what I'm doing and get the same results.

The things I do are far from simple or easy. I have gone through unspeakable levels of past life, parallel realities, and multi-dimensional soul/body integrative work to be able to do this with ease.

So, it's not so much what you are reading me doing. It's the level of embodiment and integration that allows for this level of work to be possible in the first place.

With that said, let's begin.

We started by going into my high dimensional space to observe the grids of the state of Illinois and everything that was happening.

From a spiritual standpoint, it looked like an aftermath of an ancient war.

I want to begin with the condition the grids were in at the time.

There was an X marked in the middle of the state with the center point being covered with black goo and black roses. The organic grids that ran through the entire state were covered with black goo, which is liquid miasma.

On top of the organic grids was an installation and overlay of black grids. The black grid overlay was interfering with the organic energy flow and stream that ran through the organic grids.

The black grids are installed by cybernetic spider bots and other cybernetic critters that run maintenance and repairs of any and all grid distortion mechanisms. The spiders trace the black grids on top of the organic grids stretching over the entire state.

A webbing of black grid technology.

Essentially, they function as the worker bees of the archons.

There were big drilling machines that were drilling down through the organic grids into the ground. Plugging into the earth siphoning and harvesting her energy to power up all of the grid distortion systems and mechanisms.

Black roses were also used to facilitate this process.

The presence of dark feminine energies was felt from the black rose. Fallen priestesses from the Black Rose order planted black roses on the grids to sow malicious energies and to drain the life force of anything within their range of affect.

Everything within range of the black roses shriveled up and died. Their were dead spots all throughout the grids and the ground. The water sources were also infected with miasma.

Our attention shifted to the other robotic creatures.

Along with the cybernetic spiders and other critters, there were cybernetic lyrans. Lions, tigers, and other feline ETs. There were also cybernetic dragons. They were acting as guards to different machine structures spread throughout the grids.

Before I continue, I want to make a very important note.

These cybernetic feline ETs and cybernetic dragons were once benevolent. They are captured and put through various forms of brutal electric shock treatment. This numbs them to the point of zombie status.

This process takes away their sentience.

Then, cybernetic parts are installed inside their bodies and outside to turn them into Archon drones to carry out directives given by the A.I. super brain that controls the entire operation of a given area or sector. It's the same dynamic for all infected grid systems on the planet.

But how did all of this happen in the first place?

We looked back in the timeline to the beginning of Illinois's grid infiltration.

It all began to unfold.

The dragons were relaxing and lounging around when suddenly there was a tear in earth’s magnetic field. Huge fire balls rained down from high-tech space crafts. They already had a plethora of turned cybernetic dragons that stormed in with them. The dragons of earth were caught off guard and didn't stand a chance.

It was a slaughter. Baby dragons included.

The ones that carried out of this attack were these blue skinned grey ETs. They were minions of the A.I. God that used them to lead planetary assaults.

They used stolen metatronic planetary cube and merkaba shaped technologies to create openings in earth’s magnetic field. They also used these technologies to create natural disasters to further destabilize the earth’s grids, thus creating even more openings.

Over 114 dragons were killed in the war. About 58 were imprisoned. About 36 were turned into cybernetic archonic dragon drones.

Many baby dragons were captured and were cloned and experimented on. Some were tortured in front of the adult dragons to further break their spirits and their sentience. It inflicted maximum trauma and despair.

We found 2 dragons that were alive. They've been hiding since the war broke out. They were wounded and covered in miasma, but they've retained their sentience. They weren't hiding out of cowardice.

Dragons are not cowards.

They were hiding to come up with a plan to get the others out and to turn the tides of the situation they faced. The situation was dire, and no assistance was available because other neighboring grid systems were all being simultaneously attacked.

I also want to note that this infiltration happened in the 1400s. This era was when the metatronic order that protected the magnetic field lost the battle and had 3 of the 5 metatronic planetary technologies stolen and used to invade earth.

I had Julie beam the surviving 2 dragons up to where we were in the higher dimensions.

The trauma and despair they emanated was heavy, but it didn't break them. They waited for aid since the 1400's!! 😳.

They were told about the restoration that I was about to perform with everything and used high dimensional energies to clear their energies and restore them back to normal. Julie facilitated the process.

I then got ready for the big work.

I performed the RITE OF DRAGONS to bring the slain dragons back to life and rematerialize them back to their former selves before the war. Baby dragons included. The slain golden dragons were ressurected first, and the others quickly followed.

After all the slain dragons rose from their graves, they were all beamed up to my high dimensional space, where they all reunited. They felt so many mixed emotions but an overwhelming sense of joy but also confusion and awe at how this ressurection was possible.

We spent a few minutes greeting all the dragons and observing their reunion.

I had the dragons that were fully healed and restored on standby for the next step.

I then captured the cybernetic archon dragons in high dimensional energy bubbles and teleported all of them simultaneously to where we were. I kept them a distance away from everyone else.

I immobilized with energy as the other adult dragons began emanating this blue turquoise energy to purge their blood from the nano bots swimming inside of them and flushing them out. They also got all the archon tech removed from within and outside their bodies.

This took a few minutes.

After the removal and purging of their blood, some of the medic dragons remained with them tending to their recovery.

While that was happening, I moved to the next step.

We could feel a palpable sense of divine wrath and vengeance that the dragons felt. They wanted revenge for what the archons did to them, their babies and the land. And, of course, I was more than happy to help deliver that vengeance and justice.

Before proceeding to the next step, I summoned an army of high dimensional dragons. These dragons are 10x larger and more powerful than the earth dragons. Among the army were 14 high dimensional golden dragons that stood in front of the army.

They intuitively knew what to do and how to organize themselves.

Each of the 14 high dimensional golden dragons stood in front of their own groups of other dragons, including the Earth dragons.

Each group led by the golden dragons had their own assignments. They are as follows.

Destroying the false grid overlays

Flying through the organic grid lines to straighten them out and clear out the miasma and stagnant Energies

Disabling and destroying spherical grid disruptors, inverted towers, and drill systems.

Clearing out underground cybernetic bases and other structures. There were large metal plates on the ground that emanated a constant electromagnetic pulse to keep the organic grids disabled.

Clearing out cleansing and recoding the waters.

Purging out the hijacked crystal obelisks

Burning and destroying the archon cybernetic bugs and other Critters

To incapacitate and the other hijacked archon beings like the lyrans and to purge them of archon tech.

Fairy dragons were seen with an army of fairies sprinkling fairy dust everywhere and restoring the purity and inner child innocence of the land. They were planting balls of light everywhere and sending special healing to the plants and the animals. The beauty and the color were returning back to the land.

Another group recovered the organic crystals that operated and powered the organic grids. They were stolen and hidden and replaced with archon technologies.

Another group after the A.I mother brain computer that was controlling all the bots and archon drones and the entire Illinois grid distortion operation.

I want to make a special note that the tables have completely turned, and it was a Slaughter of the A.I. The army of high dimensional dragons made this process a cakewalk.

They didn't even break a sweat doing any of this. They were well prepared, augmented, and empowered with energy and with the proper reinforcements this time.

When they began mopping up the residual remnants of tech and miasma, I proceeded to the final step of this mission.

The retrieval of the stolen metatronic technologies.

These were cube and merkaba shaped advanced technologies. They were stolen from the metatronic order by these blue gray beings who are overlords of archon armies that are under the control of the archon A.I Gods.

The metatronic angelic order was responsible for protecting these sacred planetary technologies. Metatron entrusted it to them.

The metatronic order of Earth was comprised of 3 groups of angelic beings. 1 of the groups got hijacked and lost their position.

I called forward the representative of the two remaining metatronic groups. 2 male angelic beings stepped forward.

I put them on standby as I began identifying the coordinates of where the stolen technologies were being held.

The 1st was in a spaceship somewhere.

The 2nd was in a lab surrounded by glass. The 3rd was floating in someone's hand.

I also want to note that the cubes can shrink or become large depending on how they are calibrated and what they are being used for.

After receiving all of that information, I simply opened a vortex large enough for the cubes to slip in simultaneously and appear instantaneously in front of us.

I also want to note that I performed the steps in absolute stealth. I 100% covered my tracks and left no traceable energy signature.

These stolen technologies were black and corrupted, so I needed to purge them and restore them back to their original operational coding. Their normal colors are gold and bright light.

The representatives from the metatronic order were excited to have the stolen Technologies back in their hands. I also called in high dimensional dragons for extra protection as they mobilized to strengthen and fully restore the metatronic order.

They were really grateful for the opportunity to make things right.

If these blue greys or any other hostile force so happen to come back and try to steal these technologies this time around, they'll be met with an army of wrathful high dimensional dragons looking for a reason to enact vengeance again.

The dragons of Illinois are back in control of their grids. This was a very important template and foundation that needed to be laid. It's going to be a long healing and restoration process. But now, it can begin with this proper and critical foundation laid.

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