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The Order of Melchizedek Introduction 1/4

Before I get into this post, I want to make something very clear. This post is only intended to be an introduction and to lay a very important foundation of understanding. It's to prepare your minds for the info I'm about to release concerning the order itself.

I was specifically guided to release these piece by piece. This introduction post is the 1/4 pieces that I'll be releasing concerning the Order of Melchizedek. The other 3 which will be covering the 3 houses will be released 7 days apart from each other to finish the 777 cycle of completion.

I'm noticing my current time writing this is at 3:13 am and phone battery is at 77% (777).

You can expect the 2/4 drop in 7 days.

Here's the introduction to the Order Of Melchizedek in relation to the Primordial Dragons.

This order is part of the STAR BROTHERHOOD, which is a conglomerate of sacred brotherhoods.

The Order of Melchizedek is the largest of the brotherhoods and is made up of 3 houses.

(1). House of Yeshua

Christ Melchizedeks (Grail Lines/Guardians)

Mentored by the Primordial Opalescent Crystal Christ Dragons, the seeders of Diamond Consciousness.

(2). House of Metatron

Metatronic Melchizedeks

Mentored by the Primordial Metatronic Dragons + Father Time

(3). House of Merlin

Flame Melchizedeks

Mentored by the Primordial Arcane Dragons

The dragons wanted me to use the word "primordial" when mentioning them for a specific reason. I'll get into why later in this post. Keep reading.

Also, for those reading the name "metatron" and associate it with something inverted and hijacked, go read my "Biography of Metatron" then come back here. Link will be in the comments. Moving on...

Melchizedek himself was a priest who mentored under the umbrellas of Yeshua, Metatron, Father Time and Merlin and their respective Primordial Dragons to bring forward 3 pillars of sacred teachings regarding cosmic law, purity, gridwork, Arcane(magic) etc..

The reason for the existence of any sacred order is to bring reclamation, to heal, to restore, to protect, and preserve the truth of universal law, love, abundance, integrity, and purity.

Every form of distortion that was created as a result of the infiltration of miasma (which is the origin of all malice) demanded the creation of different sacred orders to fight it and to bring correction, reclamation, healing and restoration. This is why all sacred orders in the universe exist.

Here's a practical way to understand this.

If there's a burning building, the fire departments are trained to put it out. If there's a crime committed, there's police departments trained to handle it. If it's a more serious matter, the SWAT team comes in. If the matter is too out of control, then the local military steps in. If there are stranded fishermen in the middle of the ocean, they call the Coast Guard, etc...

Different divisions and/or departments are trained and equipped to handle different problems that arise. It's no different from any sacred order. Each of the 3 Melchizedek houses has specialized knowledge and training to tackle different levels of miasmic distortions, inversions, and imbalances.

What is miasma?

Miasma is a spiritual infection and/or a virus that alters energetic coding to make the host susceptible to low frequencies. Miasma can alter brain chemistry and distort perception of reality. This makes the host susceptible to inverted suggestions and ideas of reality that have no bearing on universal truth. It can cause you to trust enemies and betray allies and can make you believe you're operating from the right place.

Miasmic infection is one of the biggest reasons why there’s been so many betrayals with many sacred orders.

Miasma not only infects sentient consciousness but it also infects grid systems, laylines, star portals, and gateways. It's a virus, after all, and like any virus like on a computer, can cause apps to malfunction and can open backdoors for other issues and loopholes for hackers/invaders to further compromis the system.

Miasmic infection of grid systems can cause them to become destabilized, thus manifesting all manner distortions, imbalances, and destruction amongst the sentient life in the 3D and the higher planes of reality. These come in the form of inserts, which can be interpreted as programs that are installed into the grid system mechanics to run different simulations of reality.

For example

war simulation

poverty simulation

mass killings simulation

famine simulation


These are all products of miasmic corruption that are still running within many grid system mechanics of the planet to perpetually harvest the loosh energy from the enslavement and suffering of sentient life. This infection of the grids is also linked to past lives, ancestral traumas, and parallel realities.

It is for this reason that the 3 houses of the Melchizedek order were formed.

Now for the Primordial Dragons.

They wanted me to use the words "primordial dragons" because it's proper, and implies that they have very distinct and unique creation abilities. Another word is "exclusive". Primordial Dragons have creation abilities that are exclusive to their kind.

Primordial Dragons are the first grid creators, the first grid seeders and the first teachers of universal dynamics and universal law. They created the very energetic fabric that make up all grid systems.

All grid systems are formed, weaved and seeded by primordial dragon energies. These grid systems function as the foundation and backbone for every conceivable form of sentient consciousness to create and establish any and all realities and civilizations.

These primordial dragons also layed the foundations and schematics for this order to be created and also, the archives of sacred knowledge and training needed to operate properly.

The primordial dragons are also referred to as "Creator Dragons"...

In 7 days I'llrelease the Transmissionabout the 1st house. The Christ Melchizedeks, the Primordial Opalescent Crystal Dragons, and their seeding of Diamond Consciousness.

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