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The Great Conjunction of Worlds

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Message From Jathuul and TeoRA

The Great Conjunction of Worlds

This great conjunction is the unification of worlds. Countless cycles of galactic wars have severed the link and disrupted the harmony between countless solar systems and galaxies. Even though many galactic wars have ended, there’s still residual resentment and conflict between many intergalactic species. The Galactic Grand Council of Worlds recently had a meeting. The members of this galactic grand council is comprised of 2 representatives of each galaxy. The meeting was about the recent Sirius B Crystal Temple coming online.

Before I continue, I want to explain what Sirius B is. The bright light of Sirius B is a shield of light that protects it. Sirius B is actually a crystal temple that utilizes highly advanced and sophisticated crystal technology. This crystal technology is part of the great cosmic grid system of the universe. The galactic grand council of worlds seeded these crystal temples in very specific areas within each galaxy to serve as galactic lay line points. Because of the galactic wars of this galaxy, it lowered the frequency of this galaxy thus causing the crystal temple (Sirius B) to shut down thus disconnecting this galaxy from the others. Sirius B was only operating at about 25% capacity maintaining only the most critical functions of this galaxy.

So, Sirius B operating at only 25% capacity with the help of the Lions gate portal prevented this galaxy from becoming a fully fallen galaxy. The Lions gate portal was seeded by the Lyran Lion ET’s to compensate for the Sirius B crystal temple operating at ¼ of its full capacity. The Lions gate portal is a failsafe technology and a safety net that has helped raise the frequency of this galaxy high enough to create the energetic conditions for this crystal temple to be activated again. So, my partner and I ran a mission to activate the Sirius B Crystal Temple a few weeks ago. This activation shot a powerful beam of light to other Crystal temples of other galaxies thus restoring the connection of crystal temples across the other galaxies. It was a mission we were destined to run before we incarnated here.

There's a specific focus on Sirius B because it sits within a specific sector of the galaxy where all cosmic lay line points intersect. This is why this specific sector was targeted by the dark players and galactic war instigators. To shut down Sirius B and it's tethers to the rest of the Cosmos. The Lyran Lions are highlighted because they have the strongest connection to source energy and because their technology casts a wider net across the cosmos than any other ET race. There's a plethora of lions gates across the entire galaxy and many councils and sub councils and ET factions that have been hard at work to raise the frequency of this galaxy and still are. But it's not to discount the technologies of other species at all. The amount of help we've received from other species is astronomical.

So, because of this Sirius B crystal temple activation, it sets many things into motion one of them being the Great Conjunction of Worlds which is the unification of galaxies. So, because of all of this the Galactic Grand Council of Worlds had a meeting discussing the next stage of the plan. The next stage of the plan involves the awakening of all galactic species that have incarnated here on earth. Many of you are galactic ambassadors, galactic diplomats, galactic historians, galactic members of different councils of other galaxies. In other words, because of the Sirius B crystal temple being connected to other galaxies, many of you that are from those other galaxies are receiving downloads from your native galaxy. This is also making it easier for many of you to connect to your specific galactic team.

In other words, many of you are being awakened and initiated into your true galactic mission on earth.

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