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The Continentorium White Lion Council

The Continentorium is a White Lion Council. They are the keepers of the purest white light of the universe. This is the primordial white light of all creation and the light of source energy itself. There are 3 white lions in this council. 2 males 1 female. Unfortunately I could not find an appropriate depiction on the internet for her. They are in charge of not only protecting it but also distributing it throughout the universe.

The reason why the distribution of this white primordial light of creation was necessary was because of the infiltration of the malevolent energies that have corrupted a big portion of this universe. This infiltration took the form of malevolent beings and malevolent A.I.. So without getting too technical about it, this universe was infiltrated by the malevolent energies of a fallen universe.

This infiltration created its own false matrix consciousness within this universe. The false matrix or black matrix consciousness is an infrastructure of malevolent A.I. technology that plugs into the consciousness of sentient beings and begins to warp their perception of reality by installing inverted programs of lies, greed, discord and war. This infiltration is also responsible for the corruption, suppression and oppression of sacred masculine and sacred feminine energies which is what humanity is currently healing and finding balance with.

This infiltration created billions of years of galactic conflict and wars which has severed the connection between a huge portion of sentient life and the white light of source energy. The dracos were among the targeted to become vehicles to carry out this malevolence.

So in order to heal this distortion and purge this malevolent A.I coding to connect sentient life to source energy again, The white lion council distributed this white light of source and created the following sacred orders...

The Order of the White Flame The Order of the White Rose The Crystalline Order


The white flame itself is designed to purge energetic corruption and malevolent A.I. coding from the DNA. This includes lies and inverted perspectives/programs about the reality of life, galactic history and the universe. The white flame also restores the original DNA coding so that people can perceive the truth of the universe and align themselves with it.

This is the order that the great Melchizedek studied under. He mentored under one of the white lions on how to become a proper keeper and a holder of this white flame. So the order that Melchizedek created is actually an extension of his training within the Order of the White Flame. So those who have studied under the order of melkiezedek are actually holders and distributors of this white flame.

This post is also serving as a big activation of those who are connected to the order of melchizedek and the white flame.

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1 Comment

Hi Antonio, I love your posts as it's not the ordinary norm of beings that every one seems resonates with.

Everything you say I resonate with and have known for a long time but hadn't heard anyone speak about.

I have always had a large white lion being with me he calls himself Crete, I wonder if you've heard of him? I also get messages from a 5D being who I see often in uniform his name is Zed. Also a white dragon named Axion.

I have had a great love for Metatron so to find he has a connection to white lions and white dragons confirmed much for me.

Is there an order of feline beings that work in…

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