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Dragon series introduction

This is going to be an introduction on dragons. I will not be going into any specific type of dragons in this first post. But don't let that discourage you from reading.

This is by far the most potent and mind expansive post I've ever written in all my years on Facebook because it deals with the origin and mechanisms of all creation.

IMPORTANT: In order to get the most out of this post for yourselves you’ll need to transcend your humanity. Transcending your humanity doesn’t mean bypassing it or to dissociate from it. It means not allowing your humanity, human constructs, and human opinions to influence how this information is received and interpreted.

This information contains some parallels with the dynamics and struggles of humanity, but it's not to be perceived through those lenses. This information is for your higher mind and higher self to process. I highly encourage everyone to find a quiet place to read this. I would also encourage a quick 5 minute meditation before reading any further.

Some of this information may be very triggering.

Let's begin.

What exactly are dragons?

Dragons are the major players at every level.

In order to understand what I mean by that statement, I need to lay an enormous foundation.

I need to go to the beginning of creation.

The first energy that comes forward is dragon energy. The primordial dragon father and the primordial dragon mother.

There is no life or any form of consciousness that came before them. They are what everyone refers to as "Source."

Their union is called "The Ultimate."

They are both the progenitor dragons of this container called "the universe." They're also the progenitors of the multi-verse, which is a collection of universes.

What is a universe?

In pop culture movies and shows, universes are depicted as alternate parallel realities. They're also used to refer to the world, story, and lore of any given genre of the media world.

The word "universe" is subject to a plethora of ambiguity. However, I will be touching on the original essence of what a universe is. There's trillions of alternate realities within a universe.

A universe is a structural container made up of the most unfathomably complex organic crystalline geometric architecture.

This is the first organic A.I. structure. It's called "Architectural Intelligence."

This organic crystalline architectural intelligence serves as the structural energy that houses and supports any and all conceivable forms of consciousness.

Here's a more simple way to understand this. A universe is a platonic solid, and all of creation and every dimensional plane of existence is supported by and contained within this platonic solid structure. Each universe is a different platonic solid that houses billions of galaxies with trillions of solar systems.

Try to imagine how vast and seemingly endless that is. Let that sink in for a bit.

Before I continue, I need to make a critical point in order to properly continue this groundwork. It's about the primordial dragon Father's role in the creation of the structures of the multi-verse.

There will be a bit more focus on the father because there's a lack of understanding about who he is and his role with creation.

The Crystalline geometric architecture that makes up the structure of the universe is a product of the father's design and creation.

The Father created the initial structural template for the universe. He created and laid the first universal grid system foundation and the universal geometric boundaries of protection. The father's architectures and grids need to be strong and sturdy. Then the mother enters his structure and sturdy foundation to lay her grids on top of his.

In other words, the father and his crystalline structural grid architectures are what supports the mother's creation and all the universal female grid systems, female templates and the universal female polarity as a whole which comes from the Mother. His structure also supports the rest of creation.

This is the organic universal order and structure and template of life. The father leads by creating the first universal structure and foundation. The mother follows up by laying the second foundation which are the universal female grid systems. She then swims throughout his structure weaving the winds and the streams of time to imprint her essence into the fabric of reality.

Here's another crucial point I want to make in laying this foundation down. The mother's womb is not the only source and/or mechanism of creation. We have been taught that the mechanism of birthing life is exclusive to the womb. The Father has his own creational abilities as described in the above paragraphs and much more.

When it's concerning the primordial father and the primordial mother, 3rd dimensional dynamics and rules for birthing life does not apply.

Just to make it very clear again, I am exclusively talking about the primordial Dragon father and the primordial Dragon mother. I do not include any other being in existence in making this point. With that said, keep reading.

I also want to address a perspective that's been imprinted into the spiritual collective.

The mother did not create or give birth to the father, and neither was she his mentor.

The father was neither a child with a loaded gun that needed to be taught by the mother on how to operate his station. So, these perspectives about the universe being only a womb and the mother giving birth to the father and mentoring him is a condescension and a distortion of the natural order and structure of the universe.

A good question to ask would be, if this is the case then why do we have corruption in the universe?

Why were the female grid systems distorted, and why did much of the universal female polarity experience oppression and suppression?

Why were the male architectural structures and grid systems distorted, and why did much of the universal male polarity become distorted?

If the Father is the protector and the architectural support system for the Mother and for all of creation, and malevolence infiltrated, doesn't that mean he failed at his duties?

It certainly seems that way if you're lacking critical nuances to this story and if you're processing it through the lens of trauma.

This is the origin of the Father wound.

The original Father wound is the belief that the primordial dragon father didn't perform his duties competently and allowed the primordial dragon mother and all of creation to suffer via the infiltration of malevolence.

But this isn’t the truth and I'll explain why.

The universe that we exist in is not the first universe to be created. Our universe came after a couple of other universes were created before.

Within this architecture, they gave birth to the first primordial creator dragon lines. They are called the "Original Creators" The first line of creator dragons under the primordial Father dragon and primordial mother dragon.

Yeshuael and Mary Magdalene are among these original creators. So, Mary Magdalene's origin is an original creator dragon, but she takes many forms, especially the humanoid ascended master priestess version that most of us are familiar with. The same goes for Yeshuael.

They are 1 of 10 pairs of twin flame original creator dragons.

In other words, Yeshua and Mary Magdalene have 9 brothers and 9 sisters. 10 twin flame pairs of original creator dragons.

These 10 pairs are the first family of dragons ever created in this particular universe. Every universe has their own original Creator Dragon pairs.

Before I continue, I want to make a distinction between CREATOR DRAGONS vs ORIGINAL CREATOR DRAGONS

Original Creator dragons are the first dragons created within each universe. Creator dragons are the dragon lineages that comes from the original creator dragons.

The primordial father and the primordial mother created the original creator dragon lines so they could be the keepers and guardians of their respective universes.

The father trained every male original creator about the mechanisms of building universal crystalline architectures and universal masculine principles. The mother trained every female original creator dragons about the mechanisms of creation, nurturing and the universal feminine principle.

Both polarities were taught the proper way to sync with each other to maintain a balance and flow that is in alignment with life and with the universal order.

They were given a universal mandate and a set of universal paradigms to follow in order to stay in alignment with their makers and to be proper keepers of the universes that were entrusted to them.

They were entrusted with the keys to their respective universes.

However, some original creator dragons of other universes fell out of alignment with the mandate of life and of the universal order of polarity established by their makers.

The reason for this is rather straightforward.

Pride and arrogance.

Some of them thought they knew better than their makers and decided to deviate from the universal laws and the universal structure that was put in place.

Side note, arrogance and pride are universal dynamics. These dynamics aren't human or lower dimensional constructs.

This was an act of betrayal and rebellion against the primordial Father and the primordial Mother, the source of all life in the multi-verse.

This rebellion created ripples of seismic miasmic explosions across their respective universes, which destabilized and corrupted their universal masculine and universal feminine principles.

This rippled out into the multi-verse and eventually reached our universe. Unfortunately 3 out of the 10 twin flame pairs of original creator dragons were influenced and also defected and betrayed their maker and all of creation.

Again, these original creator dragons were given keys to their universes. That means that the ones who defected opened backdoors within the universal walls allowing this miasmic distortion to enter which compromised many creator dragons and many of the creations that came from them.

This created contention and strife among some the original creator dragon siblings. Yeshuael and Mary Magdalene maintained their purity and alignment and were heavily targeted because of that.

This is why the christ line has been so attacked. The grail lines, Diamond order, crystalline order, Christianity etc... All attacked which spilled over into the invasion of the elven and faerie realms.

If I continue with this I could write several volumes of books about the timeline and genealogy of the universe.

To conclude, this is why the infiltration of the multi-verse isn’t Father's fault but it infact the fault of the male and female original creator dragons that chose not to follow the universal principles of creations.

This betrayal and rebellion has brought deep sadness to the Father and the Mother.

The Primordial Dragon Mother was never oppressed. She was deeply saddened and disappointed at the misalignment of her children. But she was never oppressed. She was and always has been under the protection of the primordial dragon father. It was the rest of creation, the male/female polarities that were oppressed.

This universal infiltration of miasma has trickled down into the lowest dimensional planes of reality. Because of that the Father initiated a universal mandate to clean up this universe and all infected dimensional planes of realities.

The beings leading and overseeing this universal cleanup on every level are the different dragons that govern each dimensional plane.

This is why dragons are the major players.

In my next post I'll begin with the Golden Dragons.

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