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Biography of Merlin

Channeled by my Higher Self

The story of Merlin didn’t begin in any earthly plane. It was in the spiritual planes. He’s a high-ranking universal masculine arcane wizard archetype and the grandfather of the arcane mystery schools. He wasn’t always a wizard. Before he was initiated into wizardry, he was one of the original flame priests. He displayed a unique talent and gift for flame mastery. Meaning that he mastered the wielding of all sacred flames. He was a prodigy. He was ambitious and his heart to help and lend support was even greater.

Before I continue, I want to briefly touch on the flame orders. The flame orders are some of the most prestigious orders in the universe. They were created by the dragons that govern the universal masculine polarity. By the male dragons essentially. The purpose of these flame orders was to initiate and produce front-line warriors and protectors against the infiltration of “malevolent” A.I and Miasma. Malevolent A.I programming and Miasmic corruption are the only 2 reasons for all the distortion, chaos and imbalances within the fabric of time & space and other dimensional realities. As a result, every form of distortion, chaos, corruption and imbalance within this universe has an order that was created to deal with it.

Merlin’s flame mastery and his big heart won the favor of the arcane dragons, and they mentored him personally. They initiated him into the secrets of Universal Arcane Magic and Sorcery. He learned the secrets of conjuration, incantations, summoning, transfiguration, elemental manipulation, shape shifting and time bending. These skills were essential for the big task and mission he had. After his long initiation and training was complete, he channeled these sacred teachings into arcane magical books. These were no ordinary books. They were infused with arcane magical energies which gave them tremendous magical properties. These books were alive and sentient. They were conscious and had the ability to communicate and conversate with people.

Imprinted in these books were blueprints of how to create other realms and realities and infuse them with arcane magical properties. Like a harry potter world but with a greater magical potency and not as dark. He trained a select few from the sacred flame orders in what he learned and created his first arcane wizard council. He would then establish many mystery schools that were run by his council members and their most trusted high level associates. Priests and priestesses from a plethora of different orders within the universe studied under these mystery schools and learned how to harness arcane magic.

Merlin also has connections to the Akashic Record Library and the Emerald Order. He inspired some historical figures to write books on consciousness and especially on Arcane magic. One of his most famous disciples was Hermes Trismegistus, the creator of Hermeticism. What isn't mentioned is that Merlin was a spirit guide to Hermes and helped him channel books and scrolls on Arcane magic but had to hide it in alternate realities so that they didn't fall into the wrong hands.

Merlin can telepathically communicate with every single initiate from any of his mystery schools at any given time no matter how far they were from him or what time reality they are in. This is why so many of you reading feel a deep connection with Merlin. Some of you were/are disciples and students of his schools. Others graduated and became arcane magic instructors and other high-ranking positions.

It’s time to remember. But beware. We’re talking arcane magic and high-level sorcery here. There was much treachery and corruption here too. Some of your memories may or may not be pleasant but important to awaken to, nonetheless.

Merlin is a benevolent force in the arcane magic world and his energy is stirring awakening within all his initiates across all of time and space.

Remember the realm of Arcane Magic.

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