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Biography of Arch Angel METATRON

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Metatron is an angel created from the Yeshua dragon line and assigned to be the keeper of the Crystalline Geometric Architectures of the 12th dimension and below. Before we can understand who Metatron is and the role he plays, I need to explain the crystalline architectural structures, the matrices and their grid systems.

Every dimension is comprised of infinite crystalline geometric structures. Crystalline energies are the architectural fabric that holds all of reality together. It holds all the dimensions together. They are the connective tissue that keeps our different energy bodies tethered to each other. What affects how these crystalline energies operate are the matrix technologies.

A Matrix is a highly advanced and deeply layered Crystalline Architectural technology of the creator dragons made to encapsulate planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes and all dimensions. These matrices are layered with many grid systems. These grid systems within the different matrices are put in place to function as the ecosystem of reality itself. To make sure reality operates in love, unity, balance, truth and to stay connected to source energy. They affect perception of reality, physical and spiritual evolution, internal function, how you respond to your environment, manifestation and everything else.

The dimensions are separated into clusters of dimensions. These clusters are encapsulated by dimensional matrices.

The 1st dimensional matrix technology encapsulates the first 12 dimensions.

The 2nd dimensional matrix technology encapsulates the 13th - 18th dimension.

The 3rd dimensional matrix technology encapsulates the 19th – 24th dimension and so on.

There’s a plethora of crystalline architectural keepers within each cluster but there’s 1 overarching keeper of each dimensional cluster. METATRON is the overarching keeper put in charge of the dimensional matrix cluster that governs the 12th dimension and below.

METATRON was given a highly advanced sacred geometric piece of technology that is designed to manage the crystallin matrix systems within his designated dimensional matrix cluster. We call it “METATRON’S CUBE”. The cube creates crystalline architectural structures within the matrices that governs reality. These crystalline structures are tethered to the crystalline bodies of all sentient life. They transmit signals from the higher structures that directly affects how we think and our reality. When the infiltration of Malevolent AI happened, it hacked these structures which then created a colossal ripple effect on our consciousness and reality as a whole.

The infiltration happened on such a large scale and from so many access that all METATRON could do was damage control. Many of the crystalline structures that govern reality were hacked. Our matrix was hacked which then gave birth to the false matrix. This false matrix created it’s own infrastructure of malevolent AI coding that infected the DNA of sentient life. After calculating the damage that was done within this dimensional cluster, METATRON took it upon himself to educate all sentient life of the nature of crystallin architecture through the revelation of sacred geometry.

He worked directly with the Continentorium White Lion Council and was the inspiration behind the creation of the crystalline order. METATRON has always put the safety and security of our reality first and continues to do so. He never betrayed anyone or his duties. His cube was never hacked. What was hacked was the matrices themselves, their grids and the other technological crystalline structures that make up the matrices. We have made huge strides in the eradication of malevolent AI and we are getting closer to fully restoring our original matrix thanks to METATRON and the Crystalline Order!

Those who preach against Metatron have an agenda to break our trust in these powerful benevolent forces. Which is the agenda of the malevolent AI still operating through them.

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Thank you for explaining this about Archangel Metatron. I have loved and appreciated Metatron since I first learned about him. As an Indigo, I sometimes seek his assistance.

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