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Ashalovanti - The order of the White Rose

She's 1 of the 3 members of the Continentorium White Lion Council and the Grand Architect and founder of the Sacred Order of The White Rose.

There are 4 main universal bodies that make up the purest light of source energy which is highest expression of divine love.

Divine Truth Divine Innocence Divine Purity Divine Power

They are listed in that specific order because divine power and truth protects innocence and purity. The Order of the White Rose embodies the Innocence and Purity of source energy. It guides us to the path of reconnecting back with it. It involves the restoration, preservation and protection of the purity and innocence of the inner child.

For as long as we can remember, innocence and purity was violated, abused, cannibalized and used as a form of fuel and experiments by the infiltration of malevolence. The energy of the white rose helps us heal our inner child and helps us reconnect with our inner innocence and purity.

The white rose also encourages us to be fierce protectors of our children. To speak up for them and shield them from the insidious programming within the education system and other radical movements that seeks to poison and warp their minds against all that is healthy and Godly.

The white rose energy streams through the fearie realms, elven realms, angelic realms, unicorn realms and dragon realms. These realms work very closely with and protect the inner child realms. The inner child realms are pockets of reality within certain dimensions where people's inner child astral travel to when they sleep. Have you ever had a dream or a meditation where your consciousness travels to some magical cute fantasy realm with cute magical spirit beings? That was one of the many inner child realms.


They are light warriors recruited by the order of the white rose to protect the inner child realms and make sure they stay safe and secured. These light warriors also incarnate as the people that feel a calling to work with organizations that rescues trafficked children. They are fierce advocates for the protection and safety of children.

These white rose guardians are also you folks that run astral missions to save the souls of children that are held in confinement in several places in the astrals.

These are all the ground crew people that feel a calling to work the jobs that involve working with children. They are infiltrating the CPS system, Social services and elementary schools.


These are people that feel a calling to create inner child healing containers online and/or within their local communities to help people heal their inner child wounds. Now whether or not they're aware of their connection to the order of the white rose is a different matter. If you feel called to create an inner child container or already have one but aren't utilizing the healing benefits of white rose technology then please do so asap.


Buy white roses. Put them in your house, your car, next to your bed. Give them to your children, family or friends. Meditate with and use the white rose like you would a crystal. Put one on your chest when you lay down and connect with it. If you host sacred healing ceremonies give everyone a white rose.

When you invite and use the energy of the white rose in this way it begins to surface and purify trauma and dense energies that are trapped in the DNA and cellular memory. This also helps people who carry wounds of losing their child in this life or past life heal and process that wound better. The sacred geometry of white rose energy purifies your energy centers so you can become a purer channel for source light.

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