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The Order of Melchizedek 2/4

The order of Melchizedek 2/4

House of Yeshua


Before I continue, if you haven't read my 1/4 introduction post, then go read that first. The link will be in the comments.

I won't be sharing how this order was infiltrated just yet. The dragons told me that people need to sit with this understand of how the order and its 3 houses was formed first. Then disclose how the initial infiltration happened at a later date.

Also, another very important point is that I want to address the female polarity. This post will focus primarily on Yeshua and the universal masculine polarity and masculine principles because the order of Melchizedek is primarily a masculine order and a brotherhood.

I'm aware that some women reading this may feel a resonance with the order and feel that they were/are a Melchizedek priestess. This is because the order of Melchizedek began with only men, and then women were initiated into it later on. It's the same thing with the Rose Priestess orders. It began only with women, but male priests were initiated into it later on.

This is the Order of Melchizedek before women were initiated in.

The 1st and oldest house is/are the Yeshua/Christ Melchizedeks, which begins with Yeshua himself and his Primordial Crystal Dragons.

Who is Yeshua?

He's a prime universal dragon and a masculine/father governing consciousness.

He's the father of the true "Christ Consciousness" and the father of the Primordial Crystalline dragons, the grail lines, and of the Diamond Order.

His true name is "Yeshuael."

The spelling and utterance bring forward his Dragon Prime Creator energies. It opens up new avenues of consciousness expansion in regards to the understanding of who he truly is and the scope of his universal authority.

He's a critical pillar of masculine/father consciousness of this universe and brings forward true core masculine principles and "Christ Consciousness."

What is "Christ Consciousness"?

True "Christ Consciousness" is a glimpse into the mind of Yeshua.

It's understanding the way he thinks.

It's a staggering amount of incredibly intricate and diverse set of universal principles and paradigms to follow in order to stay in alignment with universal truth.

These sets of sacred principles and paradigms have an infinite amount of utility and can be used and interpreted in an infinite amount of ways.

"Christ Consciousness" is/are the holy grail teachings, divine masculine and sacred guardianship principles, universal grid system principles, universal/cosmic law principles, etc. I will get into what these all are later in this post. Keep reading...

These principles he gave to his Primordial Crystal Dragons so they could create the crystal grid systems necessary so that Melchizedek could build the first house of the order. This is why the 1st house is called the house of Yeshua and why the primordial Crystal Dragons were the mentors.

Who are the Primordial Crystal Dragons?

Let's start with Primordial Dragons in general.

Primordial dragons are the master players. They are the first grid creators, the first grid seeders and the first teachers of universal principles. They created the energetic fabric that made up all grid systems.

All grid systems are formed, weaved, and seeded by different primordial dragon energies. These grid systems function as the foundation and bedrock for every conceivable form of organic consciousness to create any and all teachings, modalities, orders, and civilizations.

These primordial dragons also layed the foundations and schematics for this order to be created, and also, the archives of sacred knowledge and training needed to operate properly.

In other words, the creation of any order or civilization begins with its respective grid system to be laid out first. That's the job of the primordial dragons.

he primordial Crystal Dragons created the crystal grid systems in order to support the seeding of the teachings, integration, and embodiment of Christ Consciousness. These crystal grids are powered by the crystal waters that run through them. Also created by them.

This Crystal Water gives life to all grid systems and is the same life-giving crystal water that gave life to the avalonian grid systems, the Atlantean grid systems, the Lemurian grid systems, the Egyptian grid systems etc...

They are under the direct guidance of Yeshua to carry out the mandate that is the ways of Christ Consciousness. The first step was to bring forward the creation of the diamond order.

Side note, not all dragons are primordial and/or possess the level of creation abilities of primordial dragons.

There's a universal order and a universal chain of command among dragons. The angels have the angelic order with their own structure and chain of command. Wouldn't that hint at the idea that there's more structures/orders within the universe that follow their own chain of command, too? Food for thought 😉

Not everyone can be everything all at once. To believe otherwise would be an error.

What is the Diamond Order?

The diamond order was created by the primordial crystal dragons as part of the Mandate of Yeshua in seeding Christ consciousness. They became the first members of The Diamond Order and one of the sacred dragon lines.

These primordial crystal dragons incarnated in physical form during the time of Melchizedek in order to be found, awakened, and initiated by him. So they incarnated to learn the very paradigms they themselves sowed into the grid systems in the higher planes of reality.

These Primordial Crystal Dragons needed to incarnate first to set the tone for what it means to be holder of diamond consciousness and for the other dragon lines to come after.

What is the significance of the diamond?

It means perfection. A diamond is one of the best reflectors of light.

In other words, it's not about being perfect in human terms. That's impossible. We can always improve ourselves as human beings, but we will never achieve perfection of the flesh.

What the diamond represents is returning to one's organic energetic blueprint, which is perfect and without flaw. However, miasmic infiltration created unfathomable distortions, destructions, and inversions throughout time and space which in turn distorted the organic energetic blueprints of most of sentient life.

Reaching Diamond consciousness and restoring one's original blueprint is the highest timeline. They needed to hold that solid Pillar of Truth and hold space for the next generation of dragon lines to come after them.

They needed a middle ground.

They Needed something that represented the initiation alchemical process of restoring one's organic energetic blueprint.

This is where the Grail Dragon lines come in.

What are the Grail Dragon Lines?

They are the second generation crystal dragons that Incarnated and were also initiated by Melchizedek to hold the sacred teachings of the Holy Grail.

What is the Holy Grail?

It symbolism for the vessel and how it needs to be pure and clean. But that's not all. The Holy Grail is a ceremonial relic.

In other words, The men of the Grail Dragon lines were taught the importance of concentrating themselves and conducting holy ceremonies and holy rituals.

Those of the grail dragon lineage were put in charge of being the keepers and teachers to uphold this sacred pillar of truth for the coming of the divinely chosen initiates.

Grail teachings imbued chosen initiates with knowledge of the levels of alchemy and the alchemical process, the sacred sciences, herbalism, potion making, and plant medicines.

Essentially, it was to purge the physical and energetic system of miasmic corruption. Grail teachings are all about understanding the dimensions of Alchemy and their respective alchemical processes and to conduct Holy grail ceremonies/rituals to facilitate them.

Another Grail Dragon line came forward to serve as the first Grail Guardians.

What are first Grail Guardians?

The first Grail Guardians are the Primordial Black Dragons. These black dragons are the strongest of the dragons and are the strongest guardians and protectors overall. They protect the primordial crystal dragons in spirit and they incarnated into the human Realm to protect the human Grail dragon lines.

In other words, these Black Dragons are disembodied dragon spirits that incarnated into human vessels to serve as guardians and knights and to those of the grail lineage.

All of what I've shared in this post is in alignment with what "Christ Consciousness" truly is.

My next post which will be in 7 days from covering the house of Metatron, the essence of grid mechanics, and Father Time.

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