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"I recently completed the 6th month spiritual mentorship with Antonio Arilo. He is an excellent mentor and guide and greatly assisted me in developing my psychic abilities to a professional level. He is aligned with Christ Consciousness and is an embodiment of divine masculinity. His energy is highly elevated, patient, friendly, professional, non-judgmental, and non-coddling (he tells you like it is and is receptive to all feedback). He is a compassionate teacher and pushes you past your self imposed limits with a natural ease. He possesses a straightforward no B.S. manor and exudes honor and integrity while bringing in just the right amount of humor to lighten things up. I highly recommend Antonio for all spiritual services. Prior to the mentorship I also invested in several of his other offerings which also propelled me forward on my ascension path. I am very grateful for connecting and elevating through this course. Much love".


-Lydia M. Segers

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