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Healing & Transmission

There's plethora of spiritual energies building up for 11/11. But I want to highlight one particular 11:11 portal stream that I feel is the most prominent for the year of 2022 going into 2023.

It's Unicorn and faerie energies

The unicorn and faerie realms are working with humanity to bring through new creative energies. It's important that we become open and receptive to these energies coming through because these are the foundational energies that humanity will need to embody in order to create and shape the new world.


We're hosting a very special container where we'll be giving a transmission about these energies as well as performing a mass energy clearing/healing on everyone. This will remove stagnant energies and blocks and will allow for your rainbow body to be activated. The rainbow body is the layer of energy within us that manages the flow of creative energies which directly affects manifestation. 


The container that we have is a very advanced crystalline container designed to work with everyone individually. So even if there's a 100 people on this call, the container creates a private energetic space for clearing and activation for each individual. 

Zaphi will also be singing melodies from the ancient faerie realms to facilitate this process! 

Date: 11/11 6PM EST

Price: $11

Call Length: 30-45 minutes

Audience Limit: 100


This is THE MOST AFFORDABLE clearing session of the year. Our normal energy clearing sessions are $150+ so please don't miss out on this opportunity.

The call will be recorded and available for purchase for those who cannot make it

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