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Exclusive 6 - Month Private Spiritual Mentorship Program



Are you someone that is very psychic and sensitive to energies and want to learn how to harness your spiritual gifts in a way that enriches your life and the lives of others?


Are you someone that has some experience working with clients and are seeking to improve your craft?

Do you want to create your own modality?

Are you someone that has mastered the fundamentals of energy work and has extensive experience working with clients but find yourself feeling stuck and like you could be farther along in your spiritual craft but there's nothing advanced enough to help you get there?

Do you want to learn how to tap into the High Dimensional Universal Energies, engage in higher level energy work and expand on your spiritual gifts beyond anything you've learned up to this point? 

Are you ready to upgrade your spiritual toolbelt and become a much more self sufficient, effective and well rounded energy worker?

We want to help you get there! We have coached many beginners, spiritual leaders and seasoned energy workers to get to the next level of spiritual work and High Dimensional Understanding of Universal Energies and how to wield them properly and responsibly.

This course will teach you how to:

  • Create your own energy modality

  • Read people's higher selves

  • Upgrade your psychic abilities

  • Travel through Dimensions.

  • Remove ANY LEVEL of dark entities and other parasitic entities off of people safely and efficiently.

  • Create the most advanced, powerful and most versatile energy shields.

  • Never drain your personal energy when performing any kind of spiritual work.​

  • Use the universal energies to perform some of the most potent and unnamed spiritual modalities.

  • Understand the fundamentals of universal energies and how they work.

  • Tap into the higher dimensional energies and use them responsibly.

  • Pull down higher divine wisdoms as well as how to integrate them into the 3D properly.

  • Understand the higher self and the soul's origin from a multi-dimensional perspective.

  • Understand the very structure of the universe and the nature of it's laws and how they affect all of creation.

  • Understand the 3D and spiritual reality from a higher dimensional perspective.

  • Become a super efficient, responsible, integrated and well rounded energy worker.


Higher Self Discovery:

Higher self mastery first begins with us performing our famous "Higher Self Reading". This reading goes into who and what your being is on the highest level. There's a popular saying that says "I am a spiritual being having a human experience". This course is all about digging into what that spiritual being is that is behind the human experience. You are more than just energy. You are a very specific spiritual being with a very specific mission and specific set of tools.

Upgrading Spiritual Toolbelt:

After receiving the higher self reading we take your consciousness up into the higher dimensions. We call this "Mental Body Travel". This works just like astral traveling but we take your mental body up instead and you're completely conscious when this happens. This ascension session will give you access to new and improved spiritual gifts that will allow you to perform all manner of spiritual modalities with greatest efficiency. It will also upgrade the spiritual gifts you currently use.

Wield High Dimensional Energy

This is where things get serious. This is where we put a heavy emphasis on energetic accountability. High Dimensional Energies are the most powerful form of energies in our spiritual universe. These energies will completely and totally revolutionize all manner of spiritual modalities currently known. Wielding such powerful energies comes with immense spiritual responsibility which is what we emphasis heavily during within this course. Knowledge of how to wield these energies properly will make any concerns about dealing with malevolent spiritual forces and performing advance energetic modalities trivial.

Create Your Own Modality

Having access to such a wide array of universal energies, the opportunity to channel and create a very powerful energetic modality will be at your fingertips. 

How To Clear People's Energy Fields Properly

We will teach you how to scan people's energetic field and remove any etheric cords, old/negative energies that doesn't serve them and all manner of hexes/curses. We also teach how to use the high dimensional energies to heal and repair any holes in people's auras. This will help to balance & strengthen their energetic field and bring their chakras into alignment to allow their energy to flow properly.

How To See & Remove DRACO TECH

This is a unique kind of removal. It's the removal of the cybernetic technology that are spiritually implanted into us when we incarnate. These cybernetic technology are used to control us and hinder our spiritual evolution. They make us easily susceptible to other means of programming and they negatively affect our lives in a plethora of ways. Removing these from our energies and other people is essential in our Awakening process.

How To Clear The Energy Of People's Homes

We teach you how to completely cleanse all negative energies in people's living space. This also means your own home. This includes uninvited entities, heavy/oppressive energies, curses/hexes etc.. We also teach how to close dark portals and how to open good portals. This will make homes feel a lot more peaceful and will lighten the atmosphere.

How To Create The Most Advanced Spiritual Shields

This is where we teach you how to create really advanced energetic Shields. We also teach you how to program them in various ways to make the most out of them. This isn't the basic imagining the white bubble of light around you. This goes way beyond that. This is for people who facing a lot of negative spiritual attacks and other spiritual hinderances and who really feel the need to implement advanced spiritual protection.

Working with the DNA

The DNA holds the keys to our supernatural and/or multi-dimensional abilities. So that means that your ability to connect with source or your galactic family or use any of your spiritual gifts to any capacity will ALWAYS be determined by your genetic disposition (DNA). In other words, depending on how your DNA is structured and how your DNA is activated will determine what spiritual gifts you will be more adept at utilizing. On the flip side, if certain parts of your DNA is blocked or damaged then it will negatively impact your ability to connect with source and will negatively impact your ability to tap into your spiritual gifts. We will activate and/or heal your DNA as well as teach how to do the same for others.

How To Read People's Galactic/Higher Self

This is where we teach how to connect directly with people's higher self to channel any message that they need to know. It could be a message of what they need to pay more attention to. Or anything that pertains to the current season of their life. Have you ever wondered who or what the higher self may be? Maybe An angelic being, dragon, ET, god/goddess, fairy, elemental etc.? We will help you learn how to discover these things. This will allow people to connect deeper with their gifts, their sovereignty and their true mission.

And much more....

This course is for you if you:

  • Are Clair Audient / Sentient / Voyant. Having Any or all of these gifts active will suffice. We will take things from there.

  • Want to learn how to deal with malignant spiritual forces and perform advanced spiritual work with great efficiency

  • Want to become a well rounded and self sufficient energy worker. 

  • Are seeking to improve your spiritual craft beyond what you've been taught.

  • Are seeking to understand our spiritual reality much deeper than the typical spiritual rhetoric.

  • Want to understand yourself and others from a multi-dimensional perspective

  • Feel a deep desire and a pull to dive deep into High Dimensional Spiritual Warfare.

  • Want to understand the secrets of our spiritual universe and how reality works.


Activating your gifts and abilities feels super empowering and really boosts your confidence. However, it's not just about that. There's a critical healing and shadow work component that is required. Accessing your gifts especially high dimensional universal energies comes with a great deal of spiritual responsibility and because of that you'll go through a very intense initiation process within the course. With greater power comes greater healing and greater responsibility.

You don't have to be a seasoned energy worker to take this course. However, you do need to have some connection to spirit. You'll need to be able to tune into things to some degree and we will take it from there. 

$5,555 upfront.
Payment plans
3 payments of $1,850
Must be paid before the course ends

6 payments of $925
Must be paid before the course ends

A minimum deposit is required.
The deposit amount will be discussed in the consultation
There are no refunds for the full price or for any separate payments made

I understand that it is not within everyone's desire and/or spiritual mission to go this in-depth with regards to matters of the spirit. People have different missions and are meant work at different levels. If this course resonates with your spirit and you're willing to make the financial and time commitment that it takes to get the most out of this then we welcome you!!

If you have any other questions then please use our CONTACT FORM to get in touch with us.

You can also email us at

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