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2023 New Year Dragon Portal



Zaphi and I are hosted our final mass group call of the year! We hosted a very special end of the year Dragon container and portal to close the energies of 2022 and usher in the new energies of 2023.


The energies of 2023 can be felt. It’s palpable. It’s the energies of the Ancient timelines converging and integrating themselves deeper within the fabric of our current reality. It’s the reason why this year felt like it flew by quickly. It’s also why there’s been such an intense purge especially as we drew closer to the end of the year. These ancient timelines converging is primarily the work of Dragon Energy. Specifically, the White Dragons.


We hosted this container to assist with the deep remembrance that is surfacing from within the collective. This ancient remembrance comes with a great deal of trauma that needs to be processed. Our container will provide a deep mass energy clearing to facilitate this. There’s also a many who are ready to step into their spiritual roles and their spiritual missions. This container will provide a Dragon Activation to usher in those that are ready to step into their leadership roles.


2023 will be the year of the rise of many true spiritual leaders! Those that lead with integrity and purity.


We gave a Dragon transmission, a Dragon Clearing, a Dragon activation and Zaphi channeled ancient melodies from the Dragon Realms to facilitate this process.


This is highly advanced spiritual technology. It’s a dragon crystalline container designed to work with everyone individually.

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