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Summer Solstice Recording

Summer Solstice Recording


This summer solstice embodies many different energies. But the strongest energies we feel are the acceleration of timelines. This means that this is the year for people to accelerate their quantum leap into their highest timeline. This meditation will be an opportunity to supercharge your intentions and energetic trajectory towards manifesting the things that are meant for you.


Many of you are being called to step into positions of leadership and to bring your talents and offerings forward to assist with the collective ascension. Many are still moving through some fear blocks, traumas of persecution and limiting self-belief. This meditation will be a great opportunity to energetically cast those hinderances into the fire to be purged so that you can begin stepping into your heart’s calling.


Stepping into your heart’s calling is not easy and will require a degree of courage and a process of initiation. However, this call will lay a solid energetic foundation for that initiation process to go more smoothly.

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