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7-7-7 DNA Activation Portal

7-7-7 DNA Activation Portal


Our 7/7/7 call just ended and wow it was amazing!


The energy of the call represented a very significant shift in genetic evolution. The diamond sun appeared towards the end. The diamond sun represents the highest divine alignment, royalty, clarity and purity.


The Orion energies were present full force as well. Orion is the home of the root races and is the main reason why it got invaded.  We performed a Draco Tech clearing, a transmission and a Root Race DNA activation.


This will stimulate a remembrance and a divine alignment which will in turn bring about new layers of consciousness on the planet. This will manifest in more spiritual modalities coming forward, more technologies, deeper and more "source aligned" spiritual truths etc.


This call created a ripple effect across all dimension, octaves, realities etc

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