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2024 Dragon Portal Recording

2024 Dragon Portal Recording


We gave a unique dragon transmission detailed the significance of the rise in dragon energies and what that means for humanity moving forward. We also detailed how to access dragon energies the proper and integral way and how it will assist in your own awakening journey. At the end of the call, we performed a massive meditation and dragon activation.


Those of you who may be new to dragons will experience a profound introduction to dragons and dragon consciousness. Those of you who have experienced the dragons and are already working with them will experience an even deeper and more profound dragon awakening.


Our container amplifies all empathic and psychic abilities. This will make your connections to dragons much more profound and impactful. Our container will be hosting every type of dragon! Those of you who are familiar with the way we do things also understand the potency of our container and know that we overdeliver on pure value!

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