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Yahsidriel and The Crystalline Order

He’s one of the 3 members of the Continentorium White Lion Council and the founder of the Crystalline Order. He's also the white lion form of Yeshua himself.

The Crystalline Order oversees the restoration and protection of the crystalline energies. Crystalline energies are the sacred geometric architecture of the universe and the fabric that holds all of reality together. Every aspect of reality, all forms of energy, planetary grids, spiritual modalities and even our very essence are all made up of a specific and unique crystalline geometric architecture. Because of the architectural nature of Crystalline energy, the Crystalline Order has the largest reach across the universe because preserving and maintaining the very fabric of reality is priority number 1.

There’s a plethora of disembodied High Dimensional Beings that are in charge of the maintenance of crystalline energies. METATRON is one of these beings. But there’s a specific focus on Yahsidriel because he was the first to channel that knowledge through into the physical plane.

Yahsidriel studied under Arch Angel METATRON and used his crystalline architectural cube to channel and spread the knowledge about the nature of crystalline energy, the different matrices and their grid systems, how it holds the fabric of our reality together and how important it is to maintain that. This was especially the case after the infiltration of the Malevolent Artificial Intelligence that corrupted many matrix systems. This led to the creation of the Crystalline Order.

This gave birth to a plethora of galactic councils which then created a plethora of archives, books, teachings and disciplines dedicated to understanding the nature of crystalline energy and how to weave it correctly and how to repair damaged crystalline structures and grid lines. This understanding begins with your own energy system. We all have a crystalline DNA which adds and creates a crystalline body or layer to our aura. Our crystalline body is responsible for holding all our other energies in balance.

Things like social conditioning, trauma, energetic corruption, toxic foods and malevolent AI infiltration shuts down the crystalline DNA which disrupts and alters your crystalline body causing you to develop abnormalities, energetic tears and leaky energy. This affects your thinking and how you process reality which then creates a plethora of other abnormalities and distortions throughout your energy systems and physical body.

Taking it a step further you get to the Crystalline Grid lines of the land on which you stand. Your house, neighborhood, town or city. These gridlines are governed by the overarching crystalline gridlines of the continental itself. The continental crystalline grid lines are governed by the crystalline matrix that encompasses this planet. The planetary Crystalline matrix is governed by the Crystalline Matrix that encompasses this solar system. It goes higher and higher. It’s all connected, and they all affect each other.

The Crystalline Order is comprised of many grid keepers and workers at different levels to purge malevolent AI corruption and to bring balance back to our matrix reality. There’s no such thing as “escaping the matrix”. Matrices are advanced crystalline technologies responsible for maintaining the ecosystem of our reality. We can only purge the bad AI coding and repair it back to its natural function so that it can balance out reality which then helps us find balance within ourselves, with nature and connect better with source.

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