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The White Dragons of Winter Solstice 2022


The white dragons have been coming through for a couple of months now. But they’ve been coming through the most intense this month leading up to today’s Winter Solstice. The White Dragons are the main theme of this year’s winter solstice. The reason for this is because one of the biggest roles of White Dragons are working with matrices and their grid systems.

I’ll explain what Matrices are.

A Matrix is one of the most advanced Crystalline Architectural Technologies created by the Creator dragons. They are created around every planet. There are larger matrices that encapsulates every solar system. The even larger ones encapsulate each galaxy and clusters of galaxies. Then there’s the Universal Matrix and the Universal Shield around it. These different levels of Matrices are managed by different levels of Matrix Dragons. Each Matrix has their own grid systems that manages a portion of space.

The Matrix that encapsulates the portion of space that contains this galaxy is primarily of the Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and Sophia energies. It's many levels of grid systems including the ones contained within the planetary matrix are managed by the White Dragons.

These grid systems manage the ecosystem of reality according to its scale and/or the range it covers. To make sure the fabric of reality operates in love, unity, balance, truth and connected to source energy. They affect perception, physical and spiritual evolution, internal function, how you respond to your environment, manifestation etc.


I want to focus only on this planet’s Matrix because it is the most relevant right now.

The white dragon people that are working with this planet’s matrix and its grid systems are traveling to certain places and points of the planet where major grid lines intersect. They’re being spiritually guided to perform special ceremonies and rituals to activate the grid lines of the land. This work is also being performed remotely by those who are accessing the energies of these grids via their own special modalities and/or containers.

Side note, grid work isn’t limited to just the White Dragons. There’s a plethora of other light beings, lightworkers and ET's around the world doing rituals like this. They are activating the grids in other ways that is helping to bring down more light on the planet. Other types of dragons are working with the grids in other ways too. HOWEVER, the White Dragons specifically are activating and ushering in the ancient earth timelines. This means that the timeline of Ancient Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, Lemuria, Mesopotamia, Aztecs, Mayan and other fallen civilizations are being activated.

This activation is surfacing deeply embedded memories and Trauma within the collective. Especially the Trauma of Malevolent AI infiltration, human ritualistic sacrifices, DNA experimentation and slaughters. The public backlash against AI goes deeper than what is being presented on the surface. There’s deep subconscious trauma being triggered. These traumas have been surfacing gradually for years but they’ve been increasing drastically this year leading to today.

Now more than ever we need energy healers, plant medicine facilitators, and trauma facilitators to step up to the plate to create the sacred containers necessary to help bring forward these new paradigms to help people understand and to unpack and process these deeply embedded traumas. There’s so much trauma trapped in people’s cellular memory so there will be very aggressive and visceral bodily reactions in many people. There’s also heavy psychological trauma to unpack.

Unfortunately, many are committing suicide because they aren’t understanding what’s bubbling up in them and they don’t have the right people around them to help them understand or unpack anything. If you’ve been noticing suicides lately by people leaving their children, friends and family behind, this is why. Along with their current life issues pilled up on top of them. This is a very sad and unfortunate side effect of these ancient timeline activations. But many are stepping up to the plate and offering a wide array of healing services to aid in all of this.

The white dragons are activating many layers of these ancient grids and ancient timelines. The collective must process and heal these traumas in order to fully anchor them down into this reality. This will take time and its moving slow. But we’re moving in the right trajectory towards the highest timeline for humanity.

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