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The Significance of Serpent Energy

Channeled by my Higher Self

Serpents are usually regarded as malicious, insidious, sly and ruthless creatures. The serpent is one of if not the most stigmatized creature in human history especially in the western world. People are conditioned mostly through religious programming to hate the serpent. Most of us know the story of Adam and Eve and how it was the serpent that deceived Eve which then led to the fall of all humankind. Whether or not you believe that story is irrelevant. The point is that this is where the hatred for serpents originated.

Even if you’ve never heard of the story, the fear and hatred for serpents have been ingrained into the collective consciousness as a false template. Truth is that serpent energy is woven into the very fabric of our nature. Humanity has been programmed to reject this part of themselves. This has opened many doors for manipulation and deception. I’m going to break down how serpent energy is an innate part of our nature as humans and as multidimensional spiritual beings and how by connecting with the serpent energy within us, we can reclaim aspects of our power and sovereignty that we have relinquished.

We find the manifestation of serpent energy in the way people communicate and behave with each other. Those connected to their innate serpent energy are smooth talkers and charismatic leaders. These are people with charming and flirtatious personalities. The very nature of flirting is to slither or move smoothly. To charm someone with words, or various forms of body language or a simple gaze, a smile or wink. When men are mesmerized by a woman’s sensual dance. When women are charmed by smooth-talking men. The ability to slither pass or bypass the ego mind and the internal blocks of others. When a crowd is amazed by the lyrical prowess of a skilled rapper (the fast-moving forked tongue). The ability to slither through volatile energies to de-escalate a potentially violent situation by saying just the right thing. This is all serpent energy.

Before I continue I want to make one thing very clear. There’s nothing inherently wrong with being charismatic, charming, flirtatious and having a strong ability to use words to sway others. These abilities are all part of our nature. We all have it in us to be like this. These are important innate serpent like abilities that we all need to connect with to some degree if we want to be attractive and interesting to others. That last statement is not to be confused with people pleasing and/or going outside of yourself for approval. That’s not what I’m saying. When you connect with and integrate your innate serpent nature, you’re not going outside of yourself.

It’s part of stepping into your power.

There’s one HUGE CAVEATE to this nature. Its Integrity. These serpent-like traits need to be directed and guided by a strong and pure moral compass. Because it’s obvious to see how these traits can be used for all manner of toxic, harmful and self-serving purposes.


The Serpent is commonly associated with the kundalini awakening. This is basically the feeling of a serpent like energy rising from your lower chakras to the higher chakras. Or when dormant energy flows freely upward through the seven chakras which leads to an expanded state of awareness. The universal serpent energies are here to help guide us into understanding the deeper mysteries of the universe by helping us navigate our own internal world first. Serpent energy and the forked tongue helps with the splicing of cosmic information and articulating them in a way that clears away confusion and enlightens people. Having a skilled forked tongue is essential for delivering cosmic information clearly and effectively.

Let’s talk about the King Cobra.

The king cobra is the king of all serpents. There’s a reason why the ancient Egyptian deities wore them on their heads. Some diluted voices and containers out there say that the king cobra infiltrated the Egyptian energies and corrupted them. That couldn’t be further from the truth. It comes from religious anti-serpent programming. The ancient Egyptian deities were the most influential, the most charismatic, the most charming and their work and teachings were and still are the original building blocks of our universe and of all galactic history. It stands to reason why they chose the King of all serpents to represent the power of their influence and divine authority.

And finally, serpent energy teaches us how to navigate this dualistic universe properly so that we aren’t naïve or easily manipulated or swayed in directions that don’t serve us. Serpent energy teaches us how to develop a keen intuitive mind to spot deception when we hear it or read it. Connecting with our innate serpent nature and healing our relationship with it is a critical part stepping into our sovereignty


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