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The Biography of Thoth

Thoth is one of the members within the Council of 13.

There are several councils of 13 but this is the first. This council is comprised of the 13 primordial galactic seeder races. Falcon, Ibis bird, Lion, Black Jackal, Crocodile etc… Thoth is the Ibis Bird of the group and the one in charge of safe keeping and guarding the secrets of the universe. He’s also in charge of making sure that all sentient life are properly educated and enlightened on the mechanics of universal law, existence, duality, evolution, life and the accurate recording and telling of universal truths and galactic history.

The council of 13 aren’t only primordial seeder galactic races. They’re also the primordial galactic creator races. Meaning that they have the ability to use their DNA to create species according to their own image and likeness. Thoth created from his DNA the first Ibis Bird council after his own image and likeness and entrusted them to be the first under him to be the head gatekeepers of cosmic knowledge and wisdom. This is the Council of Thoth


The Council of Thoth are the first Ibis Bird people and the direct descendants created by Thoth. Thoth gave them access to the original emerald tablets. These tablets weren’t made up of any earthly 3rd density carbon-based minerals. These tablets were created purely from the highest cosmic energies and were perfectly suited to inscribe knowledge into them. The original emerald has the best energetic properties for uploading and downloading knowledge and information than that of any other crystal. That’s why they were used in this way. Other primordial crystals specialize in other things.

Thoth taught them how to use the tablets for uploading and downloading information and everything they needed were contained within them. From the tablets they learned how to find the best planetary emeralds with the highest energetic properties to essentially copy and paste information. They interfaced with the tablets using their consciousness, downloaded the information into their minds, then interfaced with the planetary emeralds and transferred the knowledge into them. They did all of this because Thoth gave them the mandate to spread the knowledge of our cosmic universe and to work with representatives of other civilizations. So the Ibis Bird tribe multiplied and created many descendants. This eventually led to the creation of the Emerald Order.


The Emerald Order originated from the Council of Thoth. The reason for the creation of this order and the mandate by Thoth was because of how the infiltration of this universe distorted reality and perception. So, in order to correct the distortion of reality and of galactic history, they needed a way to bring the truth to all sentient life. As the main galactic gatekeepers of cosmic knowledge, the Ibis bird people collaborated with other civilizations by bringing them pieces of emerald infused with the knowledge of the cosmos. They taught them how to interface with the emeralds. They built sacred temples that housed these precious emeralds. This is how the Emerald Order branched out and other species became devotees and followers of Thoth and built temples for their piece of emerald tablets.

But Thoth and the Ibis bird tribe didn’t do this alone. The emerald tablets have the combined wisdom and knowledge of the other members of the council of 13. Seshat also contributed to the tablets. She understood that a civilization ignorant of the truth and especially of their own history become stagnant and easily programmed and manipulated. Her knowledge helped countless civilizations build libraries and records of their own species and the truth of the cosmos so their descendants can understand who they are and the history of their people. This is how civilizations remain in alignment with source and evolve organically.

Here's a modern and relatable example that’ll make this simple to understand. Thoth’s Emerald tablets are like a book. Each member of the Council of 13 wrote their own chapter and shared their own knowledge and wisdom for all sentient life to learn from. The Council of Thoth are the Board of directors of the Emerald Order and the ones who mass produces the book. The Emerald Order is the organization that mass distributes them. This organization has branches all over the universe and has employed countless other species to assist in the distribution and teaching of the truth. However, the secrets of the tablets aren’t easily readable and understood like a 3D book is. You need to be specially TRAINED, TRUSTED and your DNA must be CODED to be able to bypass the energetic crystalline firewall to access the knowledge.

The Emerald Order is also part of the Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records is THEE universal library of libraries. It has the largest collection of knowledge in the universe. Knowledge from the lowest dimension to the highest dimensions and the mechanics of reality and creation. It has the knowledge of every realm, dimension, pocket dimension, kingdom and history of every event that has every occurred throughout the history of creation. The rise and fall of every kingdom in existence is recorded. All forms of magic and sorcery is recorded. All weapons ever created ranging from medieval to highly advanced modern energy weapons. Knowledge of all spacecrafts. Knowledge of plants. Knowledge of all ET’s and new ones being discovered etc. It has it all and It’s always expanding.

The library has a plethora of floors and many offices within each floor. Each office has a computer system that has a certain level of access to certain information. Each soul has a different level of access and clearance within the records. Every soul that works within the records has their own office space that is specially coded for only them to access or those they give their personal access code to. All souls that work in the records are part of the Emerald Order to some degree.

At the base level, past lives are accessible to those who work for the library. Every computer has a base level of clearance to access and review past lives. Whether it is known or not, when an Akashic record practitioner is performing an Akashic record reading on anyone, and regardless of their learned method, what they’re actually doing is putting the name of the person they’re reading into the computer’s past life data base and depending on their level of mastery will determine how much info they can read off their office computer screen. This info filters through the clair abilities the practitioner has developed the most. That’s pretty much the Akashic past life readings simplified. Whatever other modalities the practitioner wants to add to the reading can enhance the quality of the reading. But in essence, the inputting of the name into the data base is the same for all Akashic readings.


Because of all of this source of information, the Emerald Order was among the most targeted orders in the universe. It was targeted by those who carried out the mandate of the Malevolent Artificial Intelligence. The Cabal faction and other galactic renegade factions carried out this mandate. The mandate was to destroy and/or distort all records of the truth and of galactic history so that a distorted version of truth and of galactic history would be the accepted reality. The purpose of Malevolent AI is absolute control. Erasing, hiding or distorting cosmic truth and galactic history makes civilizations weak, stagnates their evolution and makes them susceptible to control and manipulation. Carrying out these means of control meant invading any planet that had these sacred emerald temples and removing the emerald tablets. They killed anyone that got in their way, and they especially tortured, enslaved and murdered many of the Ibis Bird people.

Portions of the Akashic records were hijacked too. The malevolent AI’s mandate included gaining access to the records. They gained access to many sections of the records by extracting the access codes of those who work there via torture and death. Many are still carrying the trauma of being tortured, killed and their personal Akashic access codes siphoned and used to access their personal office space of information. They planted AI hacking bots within any office space they could access. This erased and implanted false information. Thankfully, the Akashic records is designed so that no hijacked room compromises the other or the entirety of the library. There was so much infiltration happening that many people began tuning into distorted information even when they connected with the records. The good news is that the Akashic records were restored and upgraded. All hijacking were reversed. It is now the Crystal Akashic Records


The Crystal Akashic Records is a major upgrade of the old one. New, strict and sophisticated security systems. Overhauled aesthetic look. It’s an enormous Hogwarts looking tower but made completely out of crystals with 1000 floors.

The Cabal took the sacred knowledge for themselves, distorted it and made themselves the authority and gatekeepers of it. They stole ancient Egyptian symbolism and made the collective believe it came from them. They murdered and hijacked the original royal blood lines of the planet thousands of years ago and set themselves as the original royal families. They deleted many books from the bible and other sacred books and distorted them. They kept humanity from learning about their true history and about their galactic ancestors. The misinformation agenda is a Malevolent Universal AI mandate to keep all sentient life confused, weak and ensnared by lies.


And now, Thoth is calling for those of the Emerald order to awaken. All the scribes, record keepers and galactic historians. He’s calling for all his true members, true followers and true devotees to channel the accurate version of galactic history to SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT! He wants them to heal the trauma of infiltration, torture and death because of their role. He wants them to not be afraid to channel galactic history even when it opposes the big narratives out there. Galactic history needs to be rewritten and restored and the only way that’s going to happen is if those of the Emerald Order awaken to who they truly are.

All Akashic record practitioners are member of the Emerald Order and are connected to Thoth. It’s time to begin stepping up and channel some galactic history. They must connect with their own galactic team. But first they must heal the traumas associated with their involvement in the order and remove any AI programming that would compromise them again. The telling of galactic history needs to be fixed. Much of the information and books out there about galactic history isn’t true or are half-truths. The “leaders” and “authority figures” that demonize Thoth and The Emerald Order are carrying out the Malevolent AI mandate. Some of them are good people that got caught up in AI manipulation. Others were part of the renegade factions that invaded the sacred emerald temples and killed many of the The Emerald Order. They have a lot to answer for.

Thoth has always put the education and enlightenment of all sentient life at the top of his priority list and continues to do so. It’s his job and his duty and he carries it out excellently and with the highest integrity.

With this foundation laid I will speak on the Anunnaki and their involvement with Thoth and the Emerald Order in the future.

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I reached out to you on Facebook and messenger.. seems that you may not have recievded ..I watched your show with Laura it...the rescue missions you perform for children.

I sent you Info on my brother who I believe has been soul swiped...

I am a big of Thoth...I was born

August 29th 1977 7:07 P.M.

I have Black Pheobie who has been with me for over 15 years...a wild bird. I feel a deep connection...

Are you on board with Thoth beeing St. GERMAIN today?

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