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The Arcane Wizards

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

The Arcane Wizards govern the universal masculine polarities and are the original flame bringers and front-line arcane magic warriors. They created the sacred flame orders. The sacred flames themselves are a manifestation of precise and highly concentrated but controlled destructive element. They require a great deal of intense training, focus, discipline and initiations to wield properly. Fire is offensive and destructive by nature. It’s a masculine element at its core. Everything about the masculine frame and male physiology is hardwired for battle and to channel raw strength and universal power as an offensive weapon. The men brought the sacred flames and high dimensional sorcery. This is why men make stronger warriors. Not just physically but also multidimensionally. Men are hardwired to fight and to protect. They have a unique and innate understanding and ability to wield arcane magic arts because it’s hardwired into their physiology and energetic make-up. The priestess orders were experiencing rebellions and attacks as a result of their own internal affairs and from other outside forces. Because of this the flame councils approached the priestess councils with a proposition to join forces. Merlin is one of the great Arcane Wizards of the sacred flame high council. This is why many women especially feel a connection with merlin. Because they mentored under his umbrella in his arcane mystery schools. This meshing of the masculine and feminine polarities was necessary in order to bring balance to the universe. This is why with each rose order there’s the respective sacred flame order that accompanies them. It represents the meshing of both polarities. The arcane wizards initiated the priestesses into the sacred flame and taught them how to fight and how to channel the flames and other forms of sorcery for offense and defense. They also taught them how to create energetic shields and barriers. Many wizards served as bodyguards and protectors of the priestess orders. They taught the women how to connect with and balance their inner masculine in order to become effective users of the sacred flames. Many of the wizards were initiated into the priestess orders and became priests. The priestesses taught them how to connect with their inner feminine and with the universal energies in a way that was nurturing and life giving. Through this meshing they found balance with each other and were able to generate many solutions to the distortions in the universe. With this foundation laid I can continue talking about the rose priestess orders and the sacred flame orders. It’s important that men and women of the orders understand their place in the universe and what they’re innately good at, what they bring to the table and to give the proper acknowledgment, reverence and respect for what they can learn from each other

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