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Salem dragon grid lunar eclipse activation

Salem's dragon grid report

Some of this information may be a very difficult pill to swallow for many women reading. Especially those who resonate with the witch persecutions.

Do not take offense when you read the word "witch." I am not writing it in a derogatory sense. So, for those who cringe when others mention the word, try not to take offense. That way, you're able to receive the information in a manner that is illuminating and resourceful.

This post will talk about salem's grid systems. So, to better understand this post, I'd recommend you go read my post on the Order of Melchizedek: House of Metatron. There, I discuss grid system mechanics. .

Finally, I'll be addressing the involvement of the Order of the Black Rose. To understand the Order of the Black Rose, I have a post on that, too.

Read the 2 above links before continuing

Let's begin...

In order to understand the significance of what occurred on the lunar eclipse of friday night, the 27th of October, I need to lay down some groundwork and history about salem.

This is the spiritually channeled prehistory of Salem. Before the witch persecutions were seeded into the grids.

What makes Salem so significant?

Well, It's a place of mass convergence. The grids of salem are connected to every other portal of all other grid systems of the planet.

The reason for this is that when the creator dragons constructed and laid the primordial planetary grids, the geographical area that would be known as "salem" became a massive energetic point of convergence

This means that salem was and still is a major centralized point with tethers to many other worlds, realities, dimensions, etc...

This centralized point of convergence became a spiritual meeting place. A hub for many ascended master consciousness from many different worlds.

The Ascended Magis of the fea, elven, mer people, angelics, wizards, Melchizedeks etc.. The ascended master Magis from these different worlds formed the centralized peace council.

Or, Salem's council of Magis

What are Magis?

Magis are highly trained, highly skilled, and highly evolved male embodiments who wield high levels of spiritual mastery. In other words, they are highly evolved magicians.

The point of Salem's Magi council was to establish, maintain and protect love, peace, abundance, and balance throughout the land. The energies of each tethered world made salem flourish with magical, enchanted, and mythical energies. This created a harmonious unification of worlds with Salem as the centralized point.

Dragon/Phoenix hybrids were the main guardian of salem's grid system. Each major star portal connected to salem's grid systems were guarded by each of their respective Magis.

This is why salem is the mythical/arcane capital of Gaia, and this is the reason why it was a major target of attack and infiltration.

Why is salem's history so connected to the female polarity, and why did the witch persecutions become a thing? Keep reading.

Now for the bad part...

The beginning of Salem's infiltration began with the Arcane portal that was guarded by a Melchizedek Magi. This is one of the portals that travels to salem. It's not the portal that travels from salem to the arcane realms.

This happened around the time the Priestess Rebellions broke out in the arcane realms.

Before I continue, I want to make an important note that the Priestess Rebellion broke out shortly after the time that Salem's council of Magi was formed.

Fallen priestesses from the Order of the Black Rose created break away factions that waged war against all the Rose Lineages.

The Magi that guarded the Arcane portal that led to the centralized point of Salem had a soft spot for one of the Priestesses of the Black Rose.

Before I continue I want to address another important point. These stories involving love, war, jealousy, betrayal, seduction, deception, coercion, exploitation etc. may sound cliche and cringy to some of you. But these are the same elements that are at the core of the destabilization and destruction of countless worlds.

These elements have been used so often because they've proven to be extremely effective and efficient in divide and conquer agendas and creating/perpetuating destruction.

Same elements. Different stories with different dimensional levels of ramifications and ripple effects. Rinse and repeat. Still happening today, especially in the ascension community.

Also, no matter how advanced or highly evolved any being might be, they can become compromised if certain conditions are met.

Moving on...

Through the soft spot he had for her, he became susceptible to her influence coupled with the AI that was influencing him through her. This Melchizedek Magi eventually betrayed his duties and allowed them passage through the arcane portal.

As soon as this happened they performed a binding spell on him that trapped him in a temporal bubble. By the time he was freed the damage had already been done.

What came through this portal wasn't just the fallen black rose Priestesses but fallen black flame Priests and the AI Archon Gods controlling all of them.

This of course had serious consequences not only for Salem's timeline but also some of the other realms connected to salem. Many faerie and elven realms were invaded because of this all out attack.

The dragons that protected the grids of salem were captured and turned into archon slaves and/or held in containment in lower hell realms. This left the grids of salem completely defenseless.

They took down the grids natural shields leaving it open for programming. They performed black magic rituals to destabilize the grids in order for them to begin the process of incarnation

These events took place during biblical times. Many wars were fought and black magic rituals were performed over thousands of years in an attempt to weaken the grids to allow for more malice to manifest.

Then, the year 1462 came to us as a significant year in salem's dark timeline trajectory.

Fallen Black Rose Priestesses incarnated in to perform a huge ritual in 1462 on a lunar eclipse.

There were 3 rings of them. An outer, middle and inner ring. They performed a black magic ritual that opened a huge portal on the land that brought forward demonic/satanic energies, and they seeded dark mother templates into the grids of salem.

The identity of this dark mother goddess is known to us but I'll be making a proper post about her in the near future.

If you've read the post of the black rose order then you’ll know that the fallen Black Rose Priestesses waged war against all other rose order lineages. They incarnated in salem to continue this assault on the female polarity.

They were merely continuing their astral assault and brought it down to the 3rd dimensional plane. This was another war being waged on the Rose Priestesses lineages that took refuge and ran missions in salem.

Even women who had no ties to the Rose Priestesses lineages were caught up in the war.

This plunged the female polarity of the planet into a dark timeline of oppression and persecution.

This manifested into the witch trials.

However, it wasn’t just salem. These persecution against rose order priestesses were all over the planet. But it wasn’t recorded. Many women who have memories of being persecuted and killed because of their magical affinities weren't all killed in salem.

They associate all persecutions with salem because it's the only point of reference they have to make the connect. But this was world wide. There were also persecutions happening in other alternate realities and dimensions.

Back to the mission Zaphi and I ran..

The lunar Eclipse ritual we performed was a total and complete activation of salem's grid systems and a full reclamation of all stolen grid system keys. The purging of dark mother/female persecution templates and a full restoration of the joy, peace and magical abundance the land once had.

The satanic templates and masonic lodges are no longer being energetically supported and are being rejected by the grids. It's only a matter of time until more people begin to lose attraction and interest to those energies.

We brought back all the dragons and restored them to their original forms with an added boost. Of course, some of these changes will take time to manifest in the 3D and the people who live in salem will go through many levels of purging in the next coming weeks and months.

The Dragons of salem are back in charge of all Salem's grid system operations with additional assistance from some of our higher dimensional dragons.

One last thing, there was a loophole in the grids that allowed fallen priestesses and other malevolent creatures to continue incarnating and living in salem to keep that dark energy alive. This loophole has also been patched.

Mission complete. However, the war for the planetary grid systems have only begun.

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