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Draco tech A.I implants

Draco Tech A.I Implants

These are 4th dimensional cybernetic implants favored by the fallen Dracos. they can't be seen with the physical eye. They exist in the spiritual plane. You need to be tuned in with your psychic abilities to a certain degree to be able to see them. The Dracos have used these cybernetic implants for millions of years as a means of influencing sentient life. Before the Dracos lost control over this planet, they installed cybernetic infrastructures within the 4th dimensional incarnation funnel. The incarnation funnel is where every soul must pass through to incarnate into and connect with this 3rd dimensional plane. These infrastructures ensured that every soul, no matter how advanced, were implanted with this tech.

Many souls have also brought old tech that were implanted from previous lives. They do stack and new tech can be implanted in this current life too simply by having your energy open and vulnerable and from other people’s implants. Draco Tech implants vary in shape, size and functionality. They range from cybernetic spider bots to metallic disks or plates, cybernetic helmet and face pieces, brainstem implants, metallic rods and/or cybernetic needle inserts within the spine vertebrae and a plethora of other types. I’ll explain how the tech affects the host in relation to the chakra system, past lives and unresolved wounds.


The Draco tech implants on the head affects the crown, third eye and throat chakra. They block and hinder people’s access to cosmic information. They create memory problems including remembering dreams, brain fog and can slow down normal day to day cognitive function. They cause people to resist perspectives that are beneficial for their growth and become receptive to beliefs and other energies that don’t serve them. They block the third eye and hinder people’s ability to see into the spiritual planes. They also cause people to misperceive energies and to see what isn’t there. Essentially, it hijacks your spiritual abilities and discernment and uses it against you and against others. It causes people to betray true friends and the true light bearers and causes them to trust those who are skilled in the art of deception. This happens so frequently in the spiritual community.


Imagine a long cybernetic centipede like creature with it’s long pointed arms clamped tightly into every vertebrae of the spine going all the way down to the tail bone. The arms plug into the nervous system through these vertebrae. This can create all manner of back problems. They inject low frequencies into your nervous system thus inducing feelings of fight or flight and can magnify any unresolved trauma in the body. They can keep people in states of fight or flights for weeks, months and even years depending on how severe the situation is with each person. People can have other miscellaneous cybernetic shards and fragments any where else in the body too.


These pieces typically range from flat metal discs with wires, imbedded metal rods and other miscellaneous metallic debris. They block the heart chakra and cause all manner of heart related blockages. They especially feed off the energies of a broken heart and loosh to amplify its own signals. They make it extra difficult to heal from heart trauma and can amplify the magnetism of negative energies so that the person attracts negative energies, bad people and bad experiences thus making it much more difficult to heal and transmute.


This affects the solar plexus and sacral chakra. Tech on this area of the body affects people sense of self and prevents them from stepping into their power. This amplifies any existing unresolved trauma and insecurities around feeling small and insignificant. For women, this affects the womb and amplifies any womb related trauma they might have. The tech on this area of the body causes the host to develop sexual distortions and addictions.


These can range from electric wires, barb wires, metallic rods, metal shackles and other miscellaneous cybernetic debris around the hips and legs. This affects the root chakra hinders people’s growth and their path in life. It causes feelings of stagnation and like you’re moving through deep pools of mud and like you cannot manifest anything or get ahead in life.


Draco tech is everywhere. It’s not a matter of whether or not you have Draco tech, but rather it’s a matter of how much you've accumulated and how it’s affecting you. It has become a normal part of navigating this reality. I’ve been removing this tech from people for over 8 years, but I’ve never spoken about it publicly. It’s been a hidden gem sitting in my list of services.

I’m a specialist at this and I encourage everyone to book this session.

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Thank you for sharing this article. I have never read/heard anyone break down the different implant technologies like this before. I'm especially curious about the legs and feet pieces. I often dream of a theme similar to a Nightmare on Elm Street with Freddie Krueger, where I feel like I am treading through thick mud to the point where I can no longer move my feet. I was told this dream theme is about struggle, but maybe it is about Draco Technology.

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