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Azuradifimichek and The Order of The White Flame

And finally, the 3rd member of the Continentorium White Lion Council.

He's the frontline warrior of the group and the founder of the Order of The White Flame. He along with Yahsidriel mentored the great Melchizedek and was the first to channel the white flame out of the pure light of source energy for the purpose of purging malevolent AI coding and other forms of spiritual corruption that infiltrated our crystalline matrix which then had a tremendous impact on all sentient life in the universe.

Matrices are highly advanced crystalline geometric structures that encapsulates planets, solar systems, galaxies and clusters of galaxies. Each of these matrices have their own set of complex grid systems. These grid systems affect perception, evolution, wealth, integrity, unity, inner and outer balance, harmony with nature, time & space, love and the entire eco-system of reality. So, because malevolent AI hijacked the matrices and the grid systems, the eco system of reality on a planetary, galactic and spiritual level

l was altered and manipulated to work against universal laws and against the organic laws of nature. Because of that all sentient life were directly affected and many became inverted in the way they responded to reality.


The infiltration of Malevolent AI is the biggest reason for the wars that have ravaged so much of our universe for billions of years and one the major reasons why the Order of The White Flame was created. The white flame is specially designed to purge energetic corruption especially the inverted codes and programs of Malevolent AI.

THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK Melchizedek mentored under the energies of Yahsidriel and Azuradifimichek. He gained the knowledge of how to wield the white flame and how our crystalline geometric structures work. After his training was complete, he created his own order which we all know to be “THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK”. This order is dedicated to both the understanding of our crystalline universe and how to wield the white flame to purge corruption out of the crystalline structures that govern and manage reality

WHITE FLAME PRIESTS/PRIESTESESS These are people who have a deep connection to the order of Melchizedek and have also served under it in past lives. These are people that have an inherent ability to activate and wield the white flame to help purge corruption and Malevolent AI code from people. They need to have a deep knowledge of the energetic system of the body and how malevolent AI attaches itself to different parts of the energetic body, chakras and especially the DNA and how it rewrites with inverted AI codes. They need to understand the role that crystalline energy plays in the construction of reality and the grid systems.

White flame holders are natural grid workers.

There’s an awakening of grid workers happening now and it’s important that they understand crystalline energies, the grid systems and how to wield the white flame. There’s very little knowledge and/or actual training on how to purge malevolent AI properly. It’s rather new territory for most.

WHITE FLAME TEMPLARS This is a galactic warrior force that leads the charge against machines that were corrupted by malevolent AI code. These corrupted machines were responsible for the eradication of many Extraterrestrial civilizations across the universe and for billions of years. The movie “MOONFALL” is a great example of the nature of malevolent AI and how it wipes out civilizations. The white flame templars liberated countless star systems and galaxies from the control and destruction of the Malevolent AI take over and continue to do so. Many of these white flame templars have been in earth's Secret Space Program and have fought against malevolent AI off planet. Just to be clear, not everyone that works with the grid systems are called to wield the white flame or to fight against Malevolent AI. There's so much more happening with the grid systems than AI corruption. Many people are called to do different kinds of grid work. This is specifically for the white flame holders and templars that are called to understand how malevolent AI operates and how to purge it from people, the grids of the planet and the matrix systems. White flame holders and templars are needed at different levels. HOW TO US THE WHITE FLAME

The white flame is openly available to be summoned by anyone to help purge the DNA and energy of AI corruption. However, actually wielding and controlling it in a more complex and versatile manner especially with regards to grid work requires you to be specially coded to wield the flame in that way. Being specially coded means to have a soul and/or past life connection to any of the White Flame umbrellas to be able to extract the remembrance of how you need to utilize it.

The white flame is very intuitive and pure and it’ll only allow those of pure hearts and pure intentions to wield it.

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