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Atlantis Part 1: THE RISE

The Rise of Atlantis

If you haven’t read my Biography of Thoth then please go read that first, then come back here.


Atlantis predates Lemuria, Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, the Aztecans, the Mayans etc. It was the first civilization with the most advanced humans in the galaxy with multiple 12 strand DNA’s and more.

After Thoth created, raised and trained his Council of the first Ibis Birds and their descendants to be the keepers and distributors of universal knowledge, he initiated the 2nd phase of the divine plan. The plan was to prepare the way for the 12 Pure Blooded Elohim Angels to incarnate. These 12 Angels were a special and unique breed of Angelic beings and were the beginning of the Original Royal Bloodlines on the planet. The First Atlanteans were chosen because they were an untainted bloodline that came from Adam and Eve. Which means they had the genetic disposition to birth this divine plan and to establish these pure-blooded royal lines. These descendants were hidden, protected and kept secret from the rest of the civilizations of earth until the appointed time. This was done by other benevolent ET forces that used special cloaking technology. They projected an energetic dome around the land and the people thus cloaking it.

Thoth chose this planet as one of his bases of operations.

The ancient Atlanteans had an incredible amount of untapped potential. They were highly telepathic people by default. Before Thoth could set up a base there, he telepathically communicated with the Atlanteans so he could be invited in to become part of their civilization. This was in accordance with the universal law of free will. He communicated to them that he brought higher cosmic wisdom to help them achieve a higher state of consciousness and to become the original race to bring these royal bloodlines forward and to become the most advanced technologically amongst many other things. This offer resonated deeply with them, and they invited him in.

Side note, this was not a grab for power by the Atlanteans. Many believe that the Atlanteans were corrupted by ego, power and technology. That’s not it. The choice made by the Atlanteans to accept Thoth’s offer wasn’t coming from an egoic place at all. It was coming from a profound intuitive and collective acknowledgement that this was the way forward for their people. The offer by Thoth wasn’t a mistake or deception. Neither was the acceptance by the Atlanteans a mistake or faulty judgment. The future of all sentient civilizations is reaching a state of higher consciousness which is intrinsically connected to technological advancements. They aren’t mutually exclusive. The fall of Atlantis happened for a different reason which I will disclose later in this post.


Before Thoth could help them construct their civilization, he taught them the truth of the universe. He taught them the universal laws, sacred geometry, cosmic oneness, cosmic love, duality, karma, spiritual accountability etc. He revealed more layers of the greater plan to them as to why they were chosen and the royal energies they were destined to usher through. After he laid the foundational knowledge, he chose one couple in particular with the greatest DNA potential to be the first King and Queen of the Atlantean people.

Side note, “Kings” and “Queens ” or anything hinting at a hierarchy is a deep trigger for many people. The reason for this trigger is because of how the current royal families of the planet hijacked and misused the royal energies to oppress and enslave the people of earth. It’s also because of how Atlantis fell which I will get into later in the degradation portion of this post. But it’s important to understand that the original Atlantean hierarchies of the planet were benevolent, pure and in service to the highest good of the people. They were in perfect alignment with the universal laws. The Atlanteans were not hindered by ego like modern day people are. They had no issues having a king or queen and no issues with the hierarchy structure that was being established. They understood deeply that hierarchy is a natural structure of the universe. Each Atlantean knew their place and what their genetic potential brought to their civilization. And no, Hierarchy isn’t why the Civilization fell either. Keep reading…

Thoth chose 12 other Atlantean couples that had the greatest genetic potential under the King and Queen.

Side note, the Atlanteans didn’t “date” or had modern day programming around dating and partnerships. Every Atlantean knew since childhood who their life partner would be. There was no doubt, social conditioning or trauma to complicate anything. They knew intuitively who their perfect energetic match was and aligned themselves with their match early. The families of every couple also intuitively knew and created deep bonds with each other. That way the entire civilization created a profound sense of oneness and cohesiveness. As it should be with all civilizations.

Thoth chose the 12 highest genetically coded couples to be the barriers of the 12 pure blooded Elohim Angelic babies that needed to come through. He appointed these couples to be the leaders of the Atlantean people. With the King and Queen along with the 12 Elohim families chosen, Thoth began assigning these 12 families sacred duties within 12 areas which became the 12 colonies of Atlantis. Each family/colony were given sacred schematics and blueprints by Thoth to construct sacred temples and other highly advanced technological structures and tools that made Atlantis the most advanced civilization. These 12 divine couples also established the Council of 12.


This council oversaw all the operations related to the construction of their civilization and the establishment of Emerald Order bases, sacred temples and treaties with other ET civilizations of other planets and star systems. They planned and initiated the construction of the 12 wonders of Atlantis.



The Atlantean Archives was a library containing vast amounts of cosmic knowledge and wisdom. This was the first thing Thoth helped them construct. It had the largest collection of knowledge in the cosmos. Knowledge of the mechanisms of reality. Knowledge of the Primordial Father, the Primordial Mother and the mechanisms of primordial creation. It had the knowledge of every realm, dimension, pocket dimension, kingdom and the history of every event that has ever occurred throughout the history of creation. The rise and fall of every kingdom in existence was recorded. All forms of magic and sorcery was recorded. Knowledge of all spacecrafts. Knowledge of plants and making plant medicine. Each of the 12 families were given unique blueprints and schematics to construct everything. The archives would later be used as the number one source of cosmic knowledge and learning to a plethora of other galactic species in the cosmos.


These were many acres of land with many metallic dome-like structures. These dome structures had hexagonal patters all over them. Each dome had a special energetic node that collected energy and through special energy funneling and pressurization were able to grow crystals. Each dome grew different crystals for different purposes. The crystal farms were the 2nd wonder to be constructed because they used crystal technology to power up all the technology that would come after. They also grew small crystals so everyone could wear. They made crystal pendants and bracelets. Sounds familiar? These crystals were infused with special energy that allowed them to stop aging. They grew large and beautiful bioluminescent crystals of various colors to decorate and light up the city streets. These crystals kept high vibrational energies circulating throughout the city at all times. They were also big on crystal mining.


I’ll explain what a Matrix is first.

A Matrix is an incredibly advanced Crystalline Architectural Technology created around planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. These matrices are layered with many grid systems. These grid systems manage the ecosystem of reality. To make sure the fabric of reality operates in love, unity, balance, truth and connected to source energy. They affect perception, physical and spiritual evolution, internal function, how you respond to your environment, manifestation etc. Thoth taught them about how critical it was to understand this and to keep the structure of their reality intact and out of the reach of malevolent infiltration. The Matrix Tower was constructed to interface with the planetary matrix and its grid systems. The crystal farm grew specialized crystals that enabled them to do this.


The Wheel of Fortune is another piece of advance technology they created. It was made to work with the Matrix Tower. Its shape was hexagonal and had rings within rings that all turned clockwise. Like a complex combination lock where you had to turn and align several numbers in the right combination to unlock it. The wheel of fortune was designed to synch with the crystal console within the matrix tower to calibrate the timeline. Like a sound mixer in a recording studio. They turned it like a dial and aligned certain symbols in a particular order to make modifications to their timeline. It kept them in the highest timeline possible. In essence, the Wheel of Fortune is a timeline calibration device. The Atlanteans would later travel to other star systems to help other civilizations recalibrate their timeline.


The Atlanteans were also taught to build time travel technology. They were given the duty and responsibility of fixing time and space. The infiltration that happened eons before their own civilization distorted the time and space of other planets, solar systems and galaxies. They used time crystals to open portals and rifts in the fabric of space and time to make repairs to the timelines of other civilizations and planets that were negatively impacted by malevolent AI. They wore time crystal shards as a necklace to teleport them back to their proper time and space reality.


The Atlanteans built very advanced star ships that also harnessed the power of crystals. They traveled to other planets and star systems to establish good relations with other benevolent civilizations. The Atlanteans were given the mandate to be the front-line civilization to restore balance and to repair damaged and distorted timelines of other planets and star systems. They traveled to countless star systems looking for relations to build and things to fix. It ranged from other planets and civilizations needing their waters cleaned, their air purified, their timelines repaired and/or corrected or if they needed to speed up the evolution of civilizations by sharing information and technology with them. They established Emerald Order bases and Schools in other planets. More on that later.


The Atlanteans built star portals. Every planet they established an Emerald Order base had one of their Star Portals Built there. They used it to travel to other star systems and planets. They also built portals within the inner earth and help with constructing other civilization there too. They used a specialized crystal as a remote to interface with the portals and input certain commands and coordinates. Only the Atlanteans had possession of these crystal remotes and control over these portals. The Atlanteans served as the older sibling to the rest of the cosmos making sure that other civilizations could mature to where they could be trusted with having portal technology.


I’ll explain what the Emerald Order is

The Emerald Order originated from the Council of Thoth. The reason for the creation of this order and the mandate by Thoth was because of how the infiltration of this universe distorted reality and perception. So, in order to correct the distortion of reality and of galactic history, they needed a way to bring the truth to all sentient life. As the main galactic gatekeepers of cosmic knowledge, the Ibis bird people collaborated with other civilizations by bringing them pieces of emerald infused with the knowledge of the cosmos. They taught them how to interface with the emeralds.

They built sacred temples that housed these precious emeralds. This is how the Emerald Order branched out and other species became devotees and followers of Thoth and built temples for their piece of emerald tablets. Therefore, Thoth came to the Atlanteans and established a main base of operations and taught them the ways of universal knowledge and made them gatekeepers too. So, they carried out one of Thoth’s mandates which is to spread the knowledge of the universe and to establish bases and schools of learning for other civilizations across the cosmos.


Priestess temples dedicated to the worship of the primordial mother and understanding the ways of priestess hood. They learned and taught the ways of connecting with the cosmic energies of the universe and Gaia. The Women of Atlantis were savant energy weavers, energy healers and oracles. They performed many forms of healing including womb healing. They used specialized healing crystals for different energy systems of the body and the chakras. The Crystals healings performed today is one of the many ancient Atlantean practices. They connected with Gaia and learned to grow their own botanical gardens filled with a plethora of medicinal plants. They created many potions and elixirs. They were adepts at jewelry making. The wire wrapping we know today came from ancient Atlantean jewelry making. The crystal bracelets and necklaces worn by the people were crafted by the women. They traveled to other planets and civilizations that needed their healing and medicine. They created and established other priestess schools and temples on other planets and civilizations.


The Women of Atlantis were also the overseers of the water temples. These temples were created in service to the Water Goddess. To learn how to connect with the energy of water and all the sea creatures. They learned to telepathically communicate with the whales especially because whales taught them about the history of the land itself. Whales are the main librarians of the sea. Whales are gentle giants full of the wisdom and history of the planet. They also created agreements with other Aquarian civilizations from other planets to come inhabit the neighboring sees of Atlantis. They learned various forms of sound healing from the whales, dolphins and from some of the Aquarian ET’s they brought to this planet.


The Atlanteans also had a military. They were loving and peaceful people. However, they fully understood and were aware of malevolent factions and the importance of protecting their own and other civilizations. They were the stronger and more evolved sibling to many civilizations of other star systems. They not only provided knowledge, healing and medicine but also protection from hostile ET forces and factions. Platoons of Atlantean warriors were often deployed to patrol and protect certain civilizations from any hostile takeover from aggressive waring species. They were also deployed to serve as security to other Emerald Order bases and sacred temples on other planets. Warriors were also stationed throughout Atlantis when they opened their civilization to be visited by other species.


The Ancient Atlanteans had a vast network of technological exports. They shared some of their technology and knowledge with other TRUSTED civilizations in order to help them advance. They limited the amount of technology they would share because they followed the rules of evolution. The rules were to ascertain the level of mental and spiritual maturity of each civilization they wished to work with to accurately access the level of technology they would expose them to. If a civilization is exposed to technology far ahead of their spiritual and mental maturity, then they’d corrupted and misuse the technology. The Atlanteans were well aware of this rule and followed it to the letter.

But how could such a powerful and advanced civilization degrade into depravity and utterly collapse?

My next post will cover how Atlantis got Infiltrated and the strategy behind it.

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