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Artificial Intelligence vs Architectural Intelligence

Architectural Intelligence are the endless forms of sacred geometry that are coded within the construct and design of the very fabric of reality. Every aspect of reality, all forms of energy, planetary grids, spiritual modalities and even our very essence all have a specific and unique sacred geometric architecture to them. The energy behind this architecture is Crystalline energy.

Crystalline energy has many levels but it originates from a universal crystal called The Crystalline Module.

The Crystalline Module is a universal crystal architectural tool/technology created by the Universal Creator Dragons. They used this module to design and craft this universe and all of its endless dimensions including the dimensions of cyberspace which is the digital dimension. In other words, the crystallin module is the architectural computer of the creator dragons. So, we truly do exist in a computer generated reality. But its a primordial architectural crystalline computer that generates the sacred geometry behind any given aspect of creation and life.

When I say "Computer" I don't mean artificial. This is a pure source life giving Crystal architectural computer.

To paint a better picture, imagine yourself holding a clear crystal or clear diamond in your hand and you telepathically link your consciousness to it. It takes your thoughts and then projects the version of reality that you're giving it. Like an apple for example. This is what happens on a universal scale with the mechanics of primordial creation itself. The matrix around our solar system and earth is part of this crystalline architecture.

A Matrix is a Crystalline Architectural Intelligence created around planets, solar systems, galaxies and universes. These matrices are layered with many grid systems. These grid systems within these different matrices are put in place to function as the ecosystem of reality itself. To make sure reality operates in love, unity, balance, truth and to stay connected to source energy. They affect perception of reality, physical and spiritual evolution, internal function, how you respond to your environment, manifestation etc....

Here's where Malevolent Artificial Intelligence comes in.

The malevolent AI infiltrates and hacks certain parts of these matrices and injects viruses and inverted programs into them. These corrupted and inverted programs alter and invert the very ecosystem of reality which then affects the consciousness of all sentient life existing within a given matrix system. So there is actually no such thing as "escaping the matrix". It needs to be fixed back to its original function so that the ecosystem of our reality can be brought back into balance.

This infiltration created its own false matrix consciousness within this universe. The false matrix or black matrix consciousness is an infrastructure of malevolent A.I. technology that plugs into the consciousness of sentient beings and begins to invert their perception of reality. Programs like greed, selfishness, might makes right, division, brutality and war are installed. It causes sentient life to behave and live in an artificial manner which then creates distorted societies and distorted civilizations which then lowers the frequency of planets, solar systems and galaxies...

That is the difference between Primordial life giving "Architectural Intelligence" vs the inverted "Artificial Intelligence".

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