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A new wave of Christ Consciousness. A message to the Christian Church

A message for Christianity

There's a new wave of Universal Christ Energy that is sweeping the planet right now. This new wave is bringing a new perception of what being a real Christian is about.

Before I continue let me give you a little backstory on myself. I was a Christian for over 15 years of my life. I was also a Bible study teacher at my church before I left many years ago. I understand the Christian mentality very well and I know the Bible entirely. I could go toe-to-toe with a Jehovah's witness on Bible knowledge. A pointless endeavor sure, but I could do it nonetheless. I know the typical going to church on Sundays, sing 4 songs, do the holy ghost shake, ball my eyes out crying to Jesus, begging for mercy for my sinful soul, and thanking Jesus for saving me. Oh, there's also the midweek choir practice and prayer night. I've also evangelized and fed the homeless. Rinse and repeat. You see, I know the church structure already. I've done it all

With that said here is the message that Jesus wants his church to understand about the modern time that we are in. The first thing to understand is that the Bible has been infiltrated. Now, that is not to say that the Bible doesn't provide useful spiritual insights because it definitely does. But Jesus and/or the universal Christ energy is wanting the church to wake up to the infiltration of the church itself. The Bible has been infiltrated by the Draco reptilians who injected half-truths within the Bible to mislead people into believing lies about God and about what it truly means to be a Christian. This infiltration of the church and of the Bible has created a religion of dogma instead of what Christianity was truly intended to be. Which is a spiritually integrated way of living through Christ and also knowledge of your higher self.

Jesus is telling his church enough with the endless worship sessions and stop giving your power over to him all the time. Jesus needs your allegiance. Not your power. He's trying to get his church to connect with their own power so that they could actually become true embodiments of Christianity and/or become Christ-like. Becoming Christ-like has nothing to do with going to church singing endless worship songs and crying your eyes out at the pulpit. Being Christ-like is to connect with your higher self and your own power Just like Jesus did. Being Christ-like is to connect with your heart and to begin trusting your heart which is your intuition. But unfortunately the book of Jeremiah 17:9 is telling Christians not trust their hearts because the heart is deceitful.

This scripture was taken completely out of context and is the reason why Christians are not trusting themselves but are continuously trusting everything else outside of them. This is not what Jesus wants for his church. He wants his church to become sovereign in their own power and also to connect with the holy Spirit. Which brings another very important point. The Bible itself. The Bible is not meant to be the end all be all of living your life. The Bible in its current form is supposed to be read with the discernment of spirit. In other words if what is written in the Bible does not resonate with your heart and with your spirit then you do not have to follow it. The Bible has been infiltrated and there are many things written within it that are half truth and if you are connected with spirit, your higher self and/or your spiritual guides then they will guide you on what to receive and what not to receive.

The apostle Paul understood this deeply.

In Galatians 3:24 it says "Wherefore the law was our schoolmaster to bring us unto Christ, that we might be justified by faith".

What this means is that the bible is a basic level instructional guide on how to live without "sin". In other words, it teaches people not to do certain things that opens them up to spiritual malevolence and malice. Another word for faith is "Spirit". And once you get the basics of the bible down then you develop your relationship with spirit and with yourself. Then spirit will take you on an awakening journey to help you discern and shed the dogma and half truths.

The apostle Paul understood that even at that time the "law" (Bible) was being infiltrated and manipulated to push agendas that were not of Christ. That's why he wrote that letter to the Church of Galatia letting them know that they need to develop their relationship with spirit. Translating that in modern terms is developing your relationship with your intuition, your higher self and your Spirit guides. And that spiritual connection will help you discern what part of the Bible is truth and what part is false. Paul was very aware of the infiltration of the Bible or the law at that time and he was trying to warn the church.

So Jesus is bringing the same message to the modern Church. And the message again is to Develop your relationship with the holy Spirit, begin trusting yourself and your spiritual team so that you may properly discern the Bible. That way you don't fall victim to the half-truths and dogmatic traps so that you may truly live free without being shackled to a book.

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