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A message to the spiritual community. The wave is here!!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

A message to the spiritual community and especially spiritual leaders.

The wave is no longer "coming". IT'S HERE!! The spiritual community needs to be ready for this. Things are going to get worse before they get better.

The false matrix is being unplugged currently. We see this happening by the manifestation of so much corruption being exposed especially the reality of child sex trafficking. The seeds and small droplets of information have only been preparing the collective for this awakening.

The need for the collective to awaken has reached critical mass and the entire false illusion and program reality created by the old false matrix system is being ABRUPTLY unplugged NOW. This isn't going to be a pleasant time for the collective at all. Sometimes we think that the disclosure of truth is a good and pleasant thing but it's not. It's extremely traumatic. This is the manifestation of the Apocalypse spoken of in biblical prophecy. Now don't get me wrong. The disclosure of truth is a very good thing and needs to happen. The bad part is the emotional and psychological impact that it has. It's very traumatic

This Apocalypse isn't the "end of the world" like so many fear mongers have made it out to be. Apocalypse means "A great unveiling". Essentially it's the end of ignorance and cognitive dissonance. The entire collective is being forced to have a tremendously rude awakening about the reality of what has been taking place on earth for centuries. The reality about the elites and their crimes against humanity and especially crimes against children on a global scale.

It's true that not many people are ready to be unplugged but it's happening nonetheless to them too. To everyone. So this is creating a couples of different waves.

(1). A tidal wave of people who are basically losing their shit. A wave of people who are having severe psychological and emotional breakdowns. A wave of deep depression and suicidal energies sweeping through the collective. Some of this is coming from within people's internal worlds and unresolved traumas. Another part of this is being felt from the outside. A combination of the collective pool of trauma and also malevolent spiritual forces that are at work. This of course creating a tidal wave of people who are being funneled into the spiritual community seeking help.

(2). The next wave are people who are presently being activated into their spiritual missions much of which consists of being prepared to receive this tidal wave of people. The universal energies are activating and updating their crown chakras. This is activating so many people into their spiritual mission. Many of you are dealing with suicidal tendencies and deep depression. Some of this is coming from within you to heal and some is being felt from the collective. For many of you it's a preparation to help others.

All of this is happening in alignment with the exposure of corruption. Many people are having a very difficult time processing the amount of truth being disclosed. The emotional and psychological impact its having is creating this massive wave of suicidal energies. Add that with people's own unresolved traumas and it becomes an overwhelming situation. All of this is a manifestation of the "Solar Flash" that everyone is talking about. The solar flash is not an actual mass coronal sun ejection. It is a form of consciousness currently being integrated within the collective consciousness and has been doing so for over a year now. THE SUN CONCIOUSNESS. Too much focus on the science is distracting people from seeing what it actually is. I'll speak on the solar flash in another article.

Now I must point out some issues within the spiritual community that I see being major hinderances to people's ability to be of the most help to others. Just so that I'm clear, this is not a judgment. However, as fellow workers of the divine and as fellow sovereign beings we should hold each other accountable to the highest integrity. But it must be done with sincerity and compassion. It is my hope that anyone reading this will receive this message in the good faith it was written in. With that said let's proceed.

Here are some major issues that I've observed to be keeping the spiritual community stagnated. These reasons are egoic issues. If many of you aren't aware there's a gigantic ego war happening on a subtle level with many spiritual leaders.

A vicious power struggle for:

  • Who's the most spiritually in-tuned.

  • Who can channel the most accurate message.

  • Who has the most followers and engagement.

  • Comparing each other's spiritual gifts.

  • Who can out spiritualize the other

  • Who can craft the most mystical post with the most spiritual terminologies etc....

I can give more examples but I think you get my point. And I know many of you have observed this as well. This ego battle is what's holding the spiritual community back from stepping into what is needed for the next phase of our collective evolution. The spiritual community also needs to not dissociate from the human reality. This is especially for those who assume leadership roles.

You cannot truly help anyone if you're dissociating from your body, your human reality and from your traumas. The influx of people that are going to come will be tremendous and if the spiritual community is still stuck dissociating and making jokes about not listen to their guidance and who are still playing these silly power games with each other will be of no use to anyone.

Healers are needed Psychics are needed Channelers are needed Spiritually gifted people overall are needed

Comparison and competition will serve no one

It's time to get serious. This is not a game."

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Unknown member
Nov 09, 2020

Excellent post!

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