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11/11 The Atlantis and Lemurian Portals

Before I write this out I wanted to make some things clear to all readers. There's a plethora of info out there about this. The information that you're about to read may or may not align with what you may believe about Atlantis and Lemuria in relation to our current reality. This is a channeled writing from our personal connection to our galactic family and from spirit. This is going to be a very simple and straightforward channeling without all the complex spiritual terminologies and confusing galactic lingo.

Atlantis and Lemuria. I'm not going to go in-depth about the history but in short, both of these civilizations fell hard as a result of certain cosmic misalignments that manifested in their unfortunate demise. However, the energies of these civilizations still linger and are streaming through into this reality timeline from portals that were opened as a result of the high dimensional timeline currently playing out.

What is this high dimensional timeline? Look at all that is happening in the world right now. More specifically the exposure of corruption that is happening on a global level and the overthrowing of the cabal structure we see playing out right now. Humanity is on the brink of liberation and we're in alignment with the Golden Age timeline. This timeline not only includes the draining of the cabal swamp but also the restoration of the prosperity of the world. That is the strongest and high dimensional timeline playing out right now.

This High Dimensional Golden Age timeline has opened portals where by the energies of these ancient civilizations can stream throughout the collective consciousness. This is beginning to awaken many of the souls that have lived past lives in Atlantis and Lumeria when they fell. They are beginning to recover their memories from those lives many of which were extremely painful and traumatic. This awakening is happening so that these souls can begin transmuting these past life traumas on a collective level.

Many of these souls suffer from many forms of chronic illnesses because of the past life trauma stored within their cellular memories. Past life trauma affects the energy body which then affects the nervous system which then manifests into many forms of physical illnesses. I've had clients who suffered from chronic illnesses because of past life traumas stored in their energy bodies.

The collective depression and suicidal energies sweeping throughout the collective right now is also a result of these past life traumatic memories surfacing from within many people. I wrote a different blog post going more in-depth about this and how spiritually gifted people are needed right now. Click HERE to read the post.

There's something else happening too. Many of these souls are also awakening to their galactic mission and are attracting those who are part of their galactic family. Many are attracting members of their own galactic clans/groups/lineage etc.. It's marvelous to see the level of galactic awakening happening right now on earth.

The energies of these portals are mostly being concentrated within the United States Of America. This is happening because the United States Of America is the modern Atlantis/Lemuria as it was always meant to be. The highest concentration of Atlantean and Lemurian Souls are in the USA. The more these souls transmute the past life trauma of these civilizations the more the energies streaming through these portals will integrate within the land and the collective consciousness. It begins with the USA and then will spill over to the rest of the world.

We do our part in assisting the collective during this traumatic and chaotic awakening process. We offer various forms of readings and clearing to help you through this transition. If this offer calls out to you then check out our SERVICES.

May the highest timeline be made manifest in our current reality!

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1 comentário

Lifting The Veil
Lifting The Veil
20 de abr. de 2021

Wow 😲

I think i've experienced depressions my entire life. I know i have stored trauma from this lifetime, but had not thought of past-lives trauma. This last year has really done a number on my health. I'm so tired....

With all these depressions, can that delay receiving information and memories? New discovery of your site. I'm grateful to read your posts.

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