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Pleiadian Star Portal Transmission



There’s a global galactic awakening happening and with that comes a plethora of galactic races that want to connect with their people on earth. The Pleiadian energy is the focal point of this portal. The Pleiadians are one of the largest soul clusters in the galaxy which means their own kind are spread out everywhere even outside of this galaxy. Their knowledge, influence, and technology have been shared across the cosmos and have aided many species in experiencing a plethora of technological, spiritual and genetic leaps.


The container we held took the energy of the portal and enhances it for those who enter. There will be potent DNA downloads and activations as well as a deep remembrance of your own Pleiadian Lineage. The container will call forth your personal galactic pleiadian families to commune with you. In other words, our container will remove the blockages that make it difficult to connect and will provide the atmosphere of clarity for them to communicate with you.


We did a Pleiadian transmission and a Pleiadian DNA Activation.


Zaphi channeled a Pleiadian signing transmission to help integrate the energies.


This is highly advanced spiritual technology. It’s a Pleiadian crystalline container designed to work with everyone individually. So even if there's 150 people on this call, the container creates a private energetic space for clearing and activation for every individual. No cross contamination of energies will take place. We take energetic hygiene very seriously.

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