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Exclusive 6 - Week Private Healing Mini Course


Do you feel your mission involves energy healing and you're looking to expand your healing gifts?

Do you have a strong desire to wield powerful healing energies to better facilitate healing in yourself and others?

Are you simply just looking to learn new healing modalities?

I want to help you get there! I've mentored many beginners, spiritual leaders and seasoned energy workers to get to the next level of their spiritual healing work


We begin by first going through a High Dimensional Ascension Session. This session is to get your light body activated and acclimated to the higher dimensional frequencies. After 1 week of integrating these energies then we go into working with the higher energies themselves and begin accessing high dimensional healing energies. I then guide you into using these powerful energies properly. We go through some exercises with using them on yourself. We then move on to working with certain parts of the earth's energies. Using these powerful healing energies also includes learning how to clear yourself and others of any attachments. It's a pretty straight forward mini course designed to create a very solid foundation of working with High Dimensional Healing Energies.


Q: Is this course in a class setting with multiple people?

A: It's all virtual but it won't be in a class setting. This course is a 1 on 1 private mentorship.


Q: What about those who live in the UK or Australia? How do you work with them?

A: We establish suitable times for both parties via private messages or email for each week.

Q: When will be the days of the sessions? Is this course flexible with times?

A: The sessions are only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We try to be as flexible as we can.

Q: What can I expect to gain from this course?

A: You'll establish a stronger connection with the spirit world and you'll be able to see things better

Q: What is the method of payment

A:  We use Paypal, FB Messenger pay and Zelle. 

If you feel this healing course is for you and you want to work with powerful healing energies then I would be glad to be your guide for the next 6 weeks!

Click the link below to book a free consultation!


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