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Exclusive 6 - Week Private Custom Mini Course


This custom mini course is where you get to pick and choose ONLY 2 specific spiritual skill sets to learn and focus on. These spiritual skill sets are taken out of my 6-month mentorship course and made available here. That will add additional weeks and therefor making the price higher. We can discuss all of that and more in our consultation call.


Wield High Dimensional Energy

This is where things get serious. This is where I put a heavy emphasis on energetic accountability. High Dimensional Energies are the most powerful form of energies in our spiritual universe. These energies will completely and totally revolutionize all manner of spiritual modalities currently known. Wielding such powerful energies comes with immense spiritual responsibility which is what we emphasis heavily during within this course. Knowledge of how to wield these energies properly will make any concerns about dealing with malevolent spiritual forces and performing advance energetic modalities trivial.

How To Clear People's Energy Fields Properly

I will teach you how to scan people's energetic field and remove any etheric cords, old/negative energies that doesn't serve them and all manner of hexes/curses. We also teach how to use the high dimensional energies to heal and repair any holes in people's auras. This will help to balance & strengthen their energetic field and bring their chakras into alignment to allow their energy to flow properly.

How To See & Remove DRACO TECH

This is a unique kind of removal. It's the removal of the cybernetic technology that are spiritually implanted into us when we incarnate. These cybernetic technology are used to control us and hinder our spiritual evolution. They make us easily susceptible to other means of programming and they negatively affect our lives in a plethora of ways. Removing these from our energies and other people is essential in our Awakening process.

How To Clear The Energy Of People's Homes

We teach you how to completely cleanse all negative energies in people's living space. This also means your own home. This includes uninvited entities, dense/oppressive energies, curses/hexes etc.. We also teach how to close dark portals and how to open good portals. This will make homes feel a lot more peaceful and will lighten the atmosphere.

How To Create The Most Advanced Spiritual Shields

This is where we teach you how to create really advanced energetic Shields. We also teach you how to program them in various ways to make the most out of them. This isn't the basic imagining the white bubble of light around you. This goes way beyond that. This is for people who facing a lot of negative spiritual attacks and other spiritual hinderances and who really feel the need to implement advanced spiritual protection.

How To Read People's Higher Self

This is where we teach how to connect directly with people's higher self to channel any message that they need to know. It could be a message of what they need to pay more attention to. Or anything that pertains to the current season of their life. Have you ever wondered who or what the higher self may be? Maybe An angelic being, dragon, ET, god/goddess, fairy, elemental etc.? We will help you learn how to discover these things. This will allow people to connect deeper with their gifts, their sovereignty and their true mission.

Healing and Upgrading the DNA

Let me first address the DNA and what it does. The DNA holds the keys to our supernatural and/or multi-dimensional abilities. So that means that your ability to connect with source or your galactic family or use any of your spiritual gifts to any capacity will ALWAYS be determined by your genetic disposition (DNA). In other words, depending on how your DNA is structured and how your DNA is activated will determine what spiritual gifts you will be more adept at utilizing. On the flip side, if certain parts of your DNA is blocked or damaged then it will negatively impact your ability to connect with source and will negatively impact your ability to tap into your spiritual gifts. If you choose this skill set you will learn how to heal and upgrade your own DNA as well as the DNA of others


Q: Is this course in a class setting with multiple people?

A: It's all virtual but it won't be in a class setting. This course is a 1 on 1 private mentorship.


Q: What about those who live in the UK or Australia? How do you work with them?

A: We establish suitable times for both parties via private messages or email for each week.

Q: When will be the days of the sessions? Is this course flexible with times?

A: The sessions are only on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. We try to be as flexible as we can.

Q: What can I expect to gain from this course?

A: You'll establish a stronger connection with yourself and take your spiritual gifts to a greater level.

Q: What is the method of payment? Do you allow partial payments

A:  We use Paypal, FB Messenger pay and Zelle. We do allow partial payments. It is discussed on the consultation call.






My courses are not for beginners. What I mean by "beginners" are people that have no understanding of the fundamentals of energy and/or a basic understanding of our chakra system. This is also not for people who have not awakened any of their senses and/or spiritual abilities yet. These courses are created only for people who have awakened their abilities to some degree and will teach how to harness them.


If you feel this course is for you and you want to work with me then I would be glad to be your guide for the next 6 weeks!

Click the link below to book a free consultation!

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