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The Heart of Lyra and the Integration of Silver Crystalline Consciousness


What we’re experiencing collectively is the bridging and merging of worlds. These worlds are planes of existence that reside in multiple dimensions. This merging and bridging are taking the form of intense solar storms, intense dreaming, the falling apart of false belief structures and the false templates that hold them, the end of false divine unions and the end of the cycle of suffering. This is making way for the merging and bridging of these worlds to take place.


These other worlds are other forms/bodies of consciousness. These bodies of consciousness are coming in the form of angels, faeries, dragons, elvens ET’s etc... They are bringing a deep remembrance to those who are receptive and preparing others who still have hindrances and blockages getting in the way.


This planet is a melting pot of billions of souls that are connected to billions of different worlds. It can get overwhelming to conceptualize the scale of this. In order for the collective to integrate the energies of these worlds we need the proper templates and pillars of understanding.


This is where the Introduction to silver crystalline consciousness comes into play. Many of us have explored connections with Gold consciousness, Diamond consciousness, Christ consciousness and many other bodies of consciousness. The ones mentioned above are very advanced forms of consciousness and they’ve provided so much illumination to the collective. However, the collective’s attempts to integrate these advanced bodies of consciousness have created so many loopholes and backdoors for foul play.


These loopholes allowed many infiltrators of the light to distort and muddy the waters of the ascension movement. There’s been too much of a focus on the advanced super consciousness and little to no attention on the proper integration of them.


This is where the Silver Consciousness template comes in. The Lyrans and the Elves want to install this silver template. This silver consciousness template is the glue that holds together and allow other more advanced bodies of consciousness to be integrated properly and without loopholes or distortions.


There’s a big focus on things being done properly and the Lyrans and elvens really want this to be understood.


This call provides cellular upgrades that will prepare your energies and DNA for the installation of this silver crystalline consciousness template. This will also bring back the connection to the flower of life which has disconnected so many from the truth.

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