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7-7-7 DNA Activation Portal



Before I go into what this portal entails, I want to begin by explaining the dynamics of our DNA.


Our DNA holds the keys to unlocking our supernatural and/or multi-dimensional abilities. This means that your ability to connect to your higher self, source, your galactic family or to activate any of your spiritual gifts to any degree will ALWAYS be determined by your genetic disposition. In other words, everyone’s DNA or genetic disposition is structured differently which means people are activated differently and to different degrees. The potency of these DNA activations is dependent on one’s own level of spiritual maturity.  


Someone’s level spiritual maturity and genetic disposition is measured by but isn’t limited to the following factors.


1. How much inner work they’ve done on themselves. Shadow work included.

2. Their understanding of multi-dimensionality and the proper integration of it.

3. Their understanding of their own soul, multi-dimensional and galactic lineage.

4. Current and past life initiations that they’ve passed and completed. Key words “passed & completed”.

5. Lifestyle and food choices.


Our DNA are incredibly complex energetic strands that contain access codes to our own unique set of spiritual skills/abilities. It goes without saying that our DNA is also tied to our physical vessel and the way it functions. Our lifestyle, including what we eat, has a tremendous impact on the structure of our DNA.


Zaphi and I are hosting a special container on the 7th of July. It’s a DNA Activation Portal Container. The purpose of it is to activate your DNA to the degree that is needed. The container is intuitive and will only activate what you’re ready for. But it’ll also create an energetic domino effect that will activate other DNA strands when the time is right. The timing of these activations is determined by the factors mentioned above.


Coupled with the DNA activation, we'll be conducting an energy clearing prior to it. A Draco Tech removal will also be conducted. It’s important for the DNA to be primed and ready for activation. Zaphi will also be giving a singing transmission to facilitate this entire process.


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