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We've opened a very special container!


In this container we will take you on a journey through the 5th dimension. 5D isn’t just a frequency that you access. It’s an actual world in spirit with many realms, sub realms and pocket realities.


We will be your tour guides.


We’ve been traveling dimensions for years and have taken hundreds of people through them for upgrades, tools, information, healing, energetic expansion and many other things with our 1 on 1 5D sessions. So, we wanted to make this service more affordable, accessible, more fun and interactive.

This is the Animal Kingdom Edition

We'll be taking you through the animal kingdom. The is the realm where all spirit animals originate from. Everyone will have their own unique experience connecting to specific spirit animals. You'll even get the chance to bring one back home with you! Spiritual pet adoption! Except they choose you instead! 




We require every participant to have some degree of connection to spirit. We don’t want to hold anyone’s hand during this tour. We respect your sovereignty. We need you to be able to tune into what is happening to a degree because we will be asking for feedback. It adds to the entire interactive experience.


This is a WEEKLY spiritual service that we’ll be offering every Sunday at 6PM EST. This is a group event and we’re limiting spots to only 10 people for now. We will increase the number of spots in future tours. The price is $35/person. You will receive an email with the zoom link when you book the tour session.


The original 5D service for 1 on 1 is $333 but you’re only paying $35 for an hour tour. So, if you’ve felt to work with us but were financially limited then these tours will be exactly what you need. This is also for those who are still on the fence and aren’t sure if they want to fully invest in our 1 on 1 services. This will be a great entry and introduction to our work.


We're having these every Sunday 6pm EST. Sunday August 7th will be an exception because of the Lion's Gate Portal. So we're having it on the 8th instead which is a Monday.

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