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i love Chinese astrology!


It makes perfect sense too why there's been a gradual rise in dragon energy over the years, but especially this year of 2023, where the rise of dragon energy has sky rocketed and is the most powerful it's ever been.


This rise has generated massive waves of dragon encounters, syncnronicities, awakenings, dreams, and many online dragon related content this year from many sources.


The dragons are bringing a wave of inner strength to humanity to step into their power and a remembrance to those who share direct soul connections with dragons and dragon lineages. Many are also awakening to the fact that they're actually incarnated dragons in human form.


It's amazing to witness the manner in which dragon consciousness is rising and is expressing itself through multiple outlets.


Especially from our container.


There's been an explosion of next level information about dragons, the mechanisms of creation, grid systems, and the exciting dragon grid activation and rescue/resurrection missions we've been conducting and reporting on in recent months. This is still a work in progress and will be kicked into high gear 2024!


There's much debate about when the year truly begins, but we're not here for petty semantics. The fact is that the last few days leading up to the 1st of January generates MASSIVE planetary waves of kinetic energy and momentum, which ripples out affecting all parallel earths and the parallel versions of ourselves that exist in them.


Zaphi and I are hosting our 2nd end of the year Dragon container to usher in the dragon energies of 2024.


2023 will be closed by the black dragons, and the energies of 2024 will be ushered in by the golden dragons and the pearlescent white crystal dragons.


We gave a unique dragon transmission detailed the significance of the rise in dragon energies and what that means for humanity moving forward. We also detailed how to access dragon energies the proper and integral way and how it will assist in your own awakening journey. At the end of the call, we performed a massive meditation and dragon activation.


Those of you who may be new to dragons will experience a profound introduction to dragons and dragon consciousness. Those of you who have experienced the dragons and are already working with them will experience an even deeper and more profound dragon awakening.


Our container amplifies all empathic and psychic abilities. This will make your connections to dragons much more profound and impactful. Our container will be hosting every type of dragon! Those of you who are familiar with the way we do things also understand the potency of our container and know that we overdeliver on pure value!

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